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TikToker Miranda Derrick Said Her Life Is “In Danger” Following The Release Of Netflix’s “Dancing For The Devil” Docuseries

“I love my Mom, Dad and Melanie and they will forever be a part of my life. The truth is, we just don’t see eye to eye at this time,” she wrote. “I believe that this documentary is a one-sided story. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 2020 and asked my family for some space in the very beginning to collect my thoughts and process my new walk I wanted to take with God.”

“My parents and sister are not religious. They immediately called me going to church twice a week a ‘cult,’” she wrote. “I have been getting together with them over the past couple years to make amends, move on, and work things out as a family. This documentary has created a further challenge between us as I work to overcome this public attack.”

Miranda added, “No one likes to be portrayed as their [sic] brainwashed/not in control of her own life/shell of herself/human trafficked daughter/sister when that just isn’t the truth.”

“I can’t convince anyone to believe anything. I am just a woman trying to live my life. I am not a victim, I am not in any harm, I am not being abused. I’ve never asked my family or anyone else to ‘help’ me in any way. Respectfully, what I choose to do with my life is up to me,” she wrote.

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