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How To Get Ice In Soulmask To Preserve Food (Make Ice Cellar)

Karan Pahuja

One of the things you should do is get ice in Soulmask if you want to preserve your food. It is an item that you can use as fuel, which helps keep your food from rotting. It can be used for your Ice Cellar, that serves the purpose of a refrigerator in this game. Using it greatly slows down the spoiling of the food you worked hard to get. So here is where you can find ice, and the resources you need to build an Ice Cellar.

How to Get Ice in Soulmask

Soulmask How To Get Ice And Preserve FoodSoulmask How To Get Ice And Preserve Food
Image Credits: Soulmask on YouTube

You can find Ice in the Snowy mountain regions of the game. Go to its lakes and look for small blue chunks floating, this is the ice that you are looking for. Thanks to the game’s Wiki for this information.

How to Build Ice Cellar in Soulmask

As explained above, Ice Cellar uses ice to lower the temperature of the food you store in it to slow down its spoilage. You need to have Awareness Strength level 40 to unlock it. Once unlocked you can craft it at a Building Workshop. The materials you will need for it are as follows:

  • Clay x50
  • Stone Brick x100

After it is ready, you can store the food that you don’t want to consume immediately and save it for cooking later.

How to Preserve Food in Soulmask

Aside from the above method, there isn’t much that you can do about it currently. Some other known tricks to help you are:

  • Prioritize Cooking based on the Ingredient: Basically, check which food items are about to get spoiled and which ones still have some time before they need to be used. Accordingly, you can cook it or feed it to your animals.
  • Don’t Store Food in Separate Stacks: Thanks to Steam user Xea for sharing this method, you can check their comment in this thread here. They suggest that instead of storing 50 meats in 5 different stacks, you should store it in 1. This is because every stack loses only 1 item per decay so having 5 of them will spoil 5 of them instead of just 1.

That is all for how you can get ice in Soulmask, use Ice Cellar, and other tricks to preserve food from spoiling. Since you are interested in this game be sure to also check our other guides for it on how to assign jobs to tribesmen, increase camp comfort level, and catch fireflies.

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