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The Spell Worked: Practical Magic 2 With Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman May Happen

Cheryl Eddy

Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic

Is that… the sound of midnight margaritas? After much speculation and some nearly forgotten rumors of a prequel series, it now seems ever more likely that 1998’s Practical Magic, long a Halloween staple, will get a sequel. Hey, if Hocus Pocus can get two sequels, why not this other 1990s witchy favorite?

Variety reports that Warner Bros. has finally read the tea leaves, flipped on a Stevie Nicks record, and announced a Practical Magic follow-up, with—and this is the truly fantastical part—Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in talks to reprise their sisterly roles of Sally and Gillian Owens. The two Oscar-winning stars are also aboard as producers, along with Denise Di Novi (who produced Griffin Dunne’s original); Akiva Goldsman, who co-wrote the 1998 film, has been tapped to pen the script.

So far, there are no story details, no director announced, nor any word if other big-name cast members might return—notably Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest as Sally and Gillian’s aunts, who raised them in what’s since become one of the most coveted movie houses ever; Evan Rachel Wood as one of Sally’s daughters; and Aidan Quinn as the aw-shucks cop who falls for Sally despite suspecting her of murder. But you have to guess that if a project with this much built-in goodwill gains momentum, it won’t take too powerful of a spell to lure back some familiar faces.

As for now, you can stream the original Practical Magic on Max.

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