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Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman Are Ready to Put a Spell on Practical Magic 2 – E! Online

1. Alice Hoffman, Sandra Bullock was already a major force in Hollywood when she signed on to play Sally Owens in Practical Magic, based on the 1995 novel of the same name by Alice Hoffman. And the While You Were Sleeping actor revealed in the DVD commentary that she suggested Nicole Kidman to star opposite her as the wild sister, Gilly, despite the two women having never met before.

“I was like, ‘Nicole Kidman seems like the perfect person,'” Bullock said. “Our energies are so opposite that we needed what the other person had. I know I needed what she had. I don’t know why I thought of her or why that worked, it’s just one of those things, those magical things.”

2. Kidman was equally as excited about working with Bullock.

“I’ve mainly only got to work with men in my career,” she explained, “so the idea of working with Sandy on something like this, I thought, ‘Wow, that sounds fun and I want to work with a girl!'”

3. Although they had no prior connection, the movie’s director Griffin Dunne revealed that Bullock and Kidman acted exactly like sisters on set.

“They just had this great chemistry,” Dunne said. “They fight, the laugh at the same jokes, they’re familiar with each other in that historical way.”

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