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OYO launches accelerator programme to help first-generation hoteliers

Sujata Sangwan ( )

Global hospitality technology unicorn OYO has launched an accelerator programme for small first-generation hoteliers in its community. 

Hotel owners with more than five running hotels are eligible to be a part of the accelerator programme, according to a press release.

OYO said it will initially aim to add 30 hoteliers to the accelerator programme; this, the company says, will help first-generation hoteliers to innovate and enter new markets, thus expanding their customer base.

The programme will offer hoteliers mentorship and access to technology, dedicated relationship managers, financial support, and OYO’s network of over 15,000 corporate accounts and more than 10,000 travel agents across India. 

The initiative is aligned with OYO’s focus on increasing its premium hotel footprint in India in 2023, said the release. The company aims to increase the number of premium hotels under its brands such as Townhouse Oak, OYO Townhouse, Collection O, and Capital O.

Through the accelerator programme, OYO plans to add more than 200 properties in key business cities such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Noida, Kolkata, Siliguri and Mumbai.

During the pilot phase of the accelerator programme, OYO onboarded two hoteliers in Hyderabad and one each in Kolkata and Delhi, who are operating more than 50 properties across these three cities.

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