V breaks internet, features on magazine cover; BTS fans joke ‘this is how you end every model’s career’


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BTS member V has featured on the cover of the Elle Korea magazine and fans have reacted to the pictures. Taking to Instagram on Thursday, V shared the pictures giving a glimpse of the photoshoot. In the first photo, V wore a white T-shirt under a denim jacket and pants. (Also Read | BTS’ V sweeps floor, washes utensils and talks about his dream to be a chef in new teaser of Jinny’s Kitchen. Watch)

V aka Kim Taehyung opted for a red jacket in the next picture. The last monochrome picture featured the singer wearing a dark coloured jacket. Elle Korea also shared the pictures on their Instagram account. In all the pictures, V had bruises on his face. Reacting to it, a fan commented, “Thanks for your amazing shoots.. the covers are beyond imagination, perfection! and the unforgettable model Kim Taehyung.”

“His superstar aura is incomparable…I understand why the whole world is obsessed with him,” said another person. “Gorgeous Kim Taehyung! The most beautiful and cosmic! One in a million! We love you, Taehyung!” read a comment. “This is how you end every models career..#KimTaehyung you are the epitome of excellence,” wrote another fan.

“He is blazing hot! That’s what I call sexy!” said a person. “Worldwide IT boy, Icon of an Era, Cultural Icon of the East, The One and Only, Kim Taehyung,” wrote an Instagram user. “The most handsome man in the world that copies no one, the original,” said another person.

In an interview with Elle Korea, talking about his music, V said, “It seems that my desire gives me the strength to continue to work [on my music]. It’s really difficult to make a song that I am satisfied with. Sometimes I give up in the middle for various reasons, but I keep trying.”

Responding to a question about when he personally feels that he has matured the most, V said, “I was able to grow a lot by reading ARMY’s (BTS’ official fan club) messages which contain their life stories. Daily messages such as what kind of work they are doing, when they are feeling happy these days, and what they are working hard on give me strength.”

V talked about his appearance on the variety show Jinny’s Kitchen. He said that he made the decision to go on the show since he would shoot together with his ‘close friends and thanks to the reviews of those friends who said it was fun’. The show features V’s Wooga squad friends-actors Park Seo-joon and Choi Woo-shik.

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