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China selects first Hong Kong-based astronaut for its space programme – Times of India

TOI World Desk

NEW DELHI: China’s space agency announced the selection of its first astronaut from Hong Kong on Tuesday, reported South China Morning Post.
A local policewoman, previously involved in a secret technical services division, has reportedly been chosen for the national space programme.
Hong Kong chief executive John Lee Ka-chiu hailed this development as a “glorious” moment in history for the city.He emphasized the move as a sign of the country’s commitment to fostering science and technology growth in Hong Kong.
“This shows the country’s emphasis on the development of science and technology in Hong Kong and affirms the strength of the city’s innovation and technology talents,” he said before meeting with the Executive Council, the government’s top decision-making body.
However, the identity of the astronaut remains confidential according to established protocols.
Among the 10 new astronauts chosen, there is also a Macau resident. The China Manned Space Agency stated that the group would soon commence comprehensive and systematic training at the China Astronaut Research and Training Centre.
Last month, the Post reported that a chief inspector with a doctoral degree had been selected over more than 80 other candidates from the city. This officer previously worked in the force’s secret technical services and was later transferred to the Security Bureau.
In October 2022, Beijing’s space agency announced the search for two payload specialists for its fourth astronaut intake, extending recruitment to include Hong Kong and Macau for the first time. The selection process involved a three-week recruitment drive with 14 available spots.

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