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You Can Now Try Google Fi Without a Subscription

You Can Now Try Google Fi Without a Subscription


Andrew Heinzman

The trial is open for a limited number of users and requires eSIM.

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Of all the carriers available in the United States, Google Fi is one of the most enticing. It offers affordable unlimited-data plans and comes with some cool perks, including Wi-Fi access outside your home. Now, Google Fi is testing a free trial system with a limited number of users.

The week-long Google Fi trial was announced in a Reddit thread, of all places. It includes unlimited data, talk, and text, plus VPN access and 10GB of hotspot tethering. It’s an interesting proposition—you can test Google Fi before leaving your carrier, which could help you test for dead zones and other problems.

Unfortunately, this trial requires an eSIM-compatible smartphone. eSIM is a new technology that eliminates the need for a physical SIM card, but it’s only supported by a handful of smartphones (such as the Google Pixel 7, the iPhone 14, and the Samsung Galaxy S23).

If you’re confused about eSIM, I suggest using the Google Fi compatibility checker. It will tell you if your phone is compatible with Google FI—look for “SIM-free setup” after selecting your phone to see if it supports eSIM.

You can sign up for the free trial on the Google Fi website. Unfortunately, an official launch date hasn’t been confirmed. And because Google is testing this trial system, I suspect that some people won’t even see the option to start a trial. Note that after your trial ends, Google will automatically sign you up for its Simply Unlimited plan ($50 a month); you can opt out of auto-renewal after starting your trial without any consequence.

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Enjoy affordable service and several perks with a Google Fi subscription.

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