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World Academy of Art and Science nominates Shaurya Doval as Fellow | India News – Times of India

TOI News Desk

NEW DELHI: The World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) has nominated Shaurya Doval as a Fellow recognising his contributions and commitment to global thought leadership and policy innovation. WAAS, which serves as an international think tank dedicated to addressing the complex challenges facing humanity, highlighted his efforts in fostering positive change in society.
Shaurya, who has worked extensively in the areas of policy advocacy and economic development, expressed happiness over his selection and said: “It is an honor to be nominated as a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science. I look forward to contributing to the Academy’s mission of promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and finding sustainable solutions for the betterment of humanity.”
The World Academy of Art and Science was founded by eminent figures such as Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer and Joseph Rotblat. Its Fellows include some of the world’s leading thinkers, scientists, and policy-makers who work together to develop solutions to the complex challenges facing the world today. From India, notable past members include Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, former President of India, who was elected as an Honorary Fellow, and Dr Vikram Sarabhai, former Chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission.

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