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Will Ferrell Jokes He’s Vying for ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Title for 2024

Jessica Acosta

Will Ferrell

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Will Ferrell went bananas for the possibility of becoming People’s Sexiest Man Alive title while speaking to the publication at the Despicable Me 4 premiere in New York City on Sunday, June 9. “Planting the seeds…because you guys never have comedians. So, get it going internally, all right? Sexiest Man,” the 56-year-old added.

“Come on. Vote for comedians,” Will added.

While posing on the yellow carpet in a tracksuit, the Elf actor channeled his inner Maxime Le Mal – the villain he plays in the family film –  or as he liked to call it, “a sexy, soccer-playing villain.” He wore a cream Adidas jacket, black pants, and topped it off with a pair of black sunglasses. 

Aside from this villain aiming to be the “Sexiest Man Alive,” some fellow comedians have won before such as Will’s Anchorman co-star Paul Rudd in 2021 and Ryan Reynolds in 2010.

Will Ferrell
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“I mean I’m going to lean into it hard. I’m going to own this…I’m not going to try to be like ‘Oh, I’m so modest,’ I’m getting business cards made…But all of my friends will destroy me and I expect them to. And that’s why they’re my friends,” expressed the Antman actor when he won the title.

When the Deadpool actor was crowned he admitted, “Well, there was a little moment of disbelief [when you get named “Sexiest Man Alive”], and then you kind of settle into it. Really, you just have to go with the flow.”

Despite celebrating the minion franchise, Will was able to reunite with his Anchorman co-stars Steve Carell — who plays Gru in DM4 — and Kristen Wiig — who portrays Lucy. “And I think at the time, we couldn’t believe we were getting to make such a weird, bizarre movie…“So I’m just so happy that it has kind of stayed in the zeitgeist all these years,” he told People.

Steve shared on the carpet, “Every day was just a laugh out loud funny moment. The hard part with him [Will] is not cracking up during the scene because he’s always trying different things and he would kind of do that almost to be mean to people, I think.”

Despicable Me 4 – the sixth movie in the overall franchise – is set to release in theatres on July 3.

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