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Why this couple skipped the bidaai ceremony from their destination wedding in Goa

Why this couple skipped the bidaai ceremony from their destination wedding in Goa

Hasina Jeelani

If you always believed that manifestation was twenty-first century mumbo-jumbo, Esha Gulati and Rajan Batra might make you reconsider. As the designer of ready-to-wear label Markkah Studio and lead singer of The Yellow Diary respectively, their paths would first intersect at a flea festival in Surat, Gujarat. Deciding to take a break from the crowded exhibition area where she was showcasing her designs, Gulati found her feet leading her towards the stage. “The first thing I mentioned to my cousin was that the singer is really cute—unaware of the fact he would be my husband one day,” she laughs in disbelief.

After some casual Instagram stalking, she flew back to her everyday life in Delhi believing that was the end of that. Fate, however, had other plans—as Gulati would discover when Batra’s face popped up during a swiping session on Bumble. What followed was months of incessant conversation and even the onset of a global pandemic couldn’t play spoilsport for their budding romance. Having ridden through the uncertainty of this chaotic period together, they knew that their love was meant to be.

Since Gulati always wanted the sun, sand and sea for her big day, all roads could only lead to Goa. After some initial disappointments, the young couple finally found the venue of their dreams at Kenilworth Resort & Spa and tapped Cube Art Weddings, based in Goa, to be their wedding planner.

At the request of the couple, the pandit did away with the kanyadaan ceremony and both sides of the family joined in the revelry of the baraat. “We also removed the bidaai ceremony because this marriage represents my parents getting a son and his parents getting the daughter they’ve always wished for. Our families were extremely understanding and it made the journey so much more beautiful,” smiles Gulati.

The festivities started with an intimate seaside welcome dinner before the rest of the guests trickled in for the mehendi and haldi the next morning. Seeking inspiration from quintessential Good Earth motifs, the brand’s signature prints were interspersed with muted pastels. Echoing the hues of the decor, the bride made her entry in a pastel lehenga from Studio Iris, while the groom took her side in a bespoke Indo-Western jacket set.

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