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What Does ESB Slang Mean When Texting on Snapchat?

Deepti Pathak

In the world of Snapchat and texting, people often use abbreviations and slang to keep their messages short and quick. One such abbreviation you might come across is “ESB.” Understanding these shortcuts can help you communicate better and keep up with the latest trends. This article will help explain what ESB slang means when texting on snapchat and how it’s used.

What is ESB?

ESB stands for “Everyone Snap Back.” On Snapchat, the person wants all their friends or followers to send them a Snap in return. People use ESB to encourage more interaction and keep conversations going.

It’s a way to get a response from as many people as possible, making Snapchat more engaging and fun. Users can quickly connect with their friends by sending out an ESB and keeping their Snapstreaks alive.

How is it Used?

  • Ask Friends to Reply: Users use “ESB” to request responses from friends on Snapchat.
  • Keeping Conversations: ESB encourages replies from friends, helping maintain ongoing conversations and streaks.
  • Encouraging Friends: It encourages friends to send Snaps back, promoting more interaction on Snapchat.

Examples of ESB

  • Just got a new haircut! ESB.
  • Check out my new pet! ESB.
  • Sending a picture of your lunch with “ESB.”

Why Use ESB?

People use ESB on Snapchat because it keeps conversations lively and fun. It’s also useful for maintaining Snapstreaks, those consecutive days of sending Snaps back and forth with a friend. ESB encourages your friends to share their moments and experiences, making Snapchat more fun as you exchange snapshots of your daily activities.

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