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We’ve searched high and low for the best women’s jeans on the market

Georgia Trodd, Karina Marriott

Shopping for the best jeans for women is one of the most tedious and dreaded tasks we undertake. Get it right and your life will be changed, but get it wrong and you’ll be left hugging your knees in the poorly-lit fitting room or lugging 6743288 pairs back to the Post Office to be returned.

Yet, as painful as it may be we continue to put ourselves through it. Why? Because denim jeans are the main ingredient to a functioning wardrobe. There really is nothing sweeter than finding the perfect pair of jeans that fit your body type like a glove.

Sure, denim trends come and go (goodbye, jeggings and skinny jeans; hello, baggy jeans and retro flared styles), but whatever cut is of-the-moment, they’re an item that fashion (and your capsule wardrobe) will never be without. But with different styles and trends emerging every season – horseshoe jeans, anyone?! – it can be tricky downright impossible to know where to start. Plus, we need to be having the conversation of prioritising sustainable shopping habits and not replacing items we already own just because a new aesthetic or “era” dropped. Good thing you guys have us.

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Best jeans for women, tested by GLAMOUR editors:

  1. Best jeans for women overall: AGOLDE Luna Pieced Jeans, from £228, Free People
  2. Best plus size jeans for women: Good American Good Curve Straight Light Compression Jeans
  3. Best black jeans for women: Jeans Newmom Comfort High Ride, WERE £35.99 NOW £29.99, Mango
  4. Best petite jeans for women: Zara TRF Baggy Balloon Mid-Rise Jeans
31 Best Jeans For Women to Buy in 2024  Wear Forever


Image may contain Clothing Jeans Pants Accessories Glasses Bag Handbag Adult and Person


31 Best Jeans For Women to Buy in 2024  Wear Forever


Jeans Newmom Comfort High Rise

TRF Baggy Balloon Mid-Rise Jeans

Image may contain Clothing Pants Jeans Chair Furniture Person Teen Wristwatch Footwear Shoe and Accessories


If you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans, or you’re simply fed-up with sub-par, ill-fitting denim of seasons past, our ultimate buying guide to the best women’s jeans will have you stumbling across something comfy. ‘Cos as a result of wearing, loving and hating our fair share of jeans over the years, team GLAMOUR has found all manner of high street jeans, black jeans, best tall jeans, stretch denim jeans, cropped jeans and retro-inspired leg styles that’ll serve you very well. Consider your every denim need covered.

What type of jeans are best for my body shape?

Finding a woman who is the same jeans size across all of their favourite retailers is a rarity. In fact, we’d bet money it’s never happened. Sizes can vary wildly depending on the store you’re shopping in which is, for sure, disheartening. Our advice is to dismiss the numbers on the label, go for what you feel the most comfortable in (with or without the best shapewear) and be prepared to try on lots of styles. There’s not just one particular style for every body shape. And remember: clothes are supposed to fit your body, not the other way around.

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