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We Live in Time is Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield’s ultra tear-jerking movie, and it just dropped an emotional trailer

Emily Tannenbaum, Charley Ross

Since their chemistry at the 2023 Oscars, we’ve been crying out for an Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh movie – and now we’ve got it with We Live In Time, which has just dropped a very emotional trailer.

Directed by Brooklyn‘s John Crowley, we reckon this is going to be a swoon-worthy one.

Florence posted a cute message about the film on Instagram this week: “Making this movie was such an unbelievably beautiful experience,” she wrote. “I’m thrilled and proud to say that it’s nearly here for all of you to watch soon. In the meantime, here’s some pretty breadcrumbs ;)”.

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And now, the trailer has dropped. Here’s everything we know about We Live in Time.

We Live In Time plot

“Almut (Florence Pugh) finds her life forever changed by a chance encounter with Tobias (Andrew Garfield), a recent divorcé,” a plot synopsis reads. “But after falling for each other, building a home, and starting a family, a difficult truth is revealed.”

From the looks of things from the trailer (see below) it looks like Almut gets a nasty medical diagnosis, and the couple are focussed on how they should spend their time together, as they are worried it’s going to run out.

It’s an emotional one for them both to play, for sure. “It’s no secret that I only pick very intense roles,” Pugh said during the premiere of A Good Person last year, per Variety. In that film, penned and directed by Pugh’s ex-boyfriend Zach Braff, the actor plays a recovering addict. “I like finding the ugliness in humans. I love being raw. I love being given a script where it challenges myself, and I have never picked a role unless I’ve been scared of it.”

We Live In Time cast

Appearing alongside Florence and Andrew will be Adam James, Aoife Hinds, Marama Corlett, Heather Craney, Nikhil Karmar and Kevin Brewer. Oscar-nominated actor Benedict Cumberbatch will also serve as an executive producer.

We Live In Time trailer

It looks pretty epic, we won’t lie – we’re loving the chemistry. And super emosh, no less:

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