VW ID.2 Unveiled as a Highly Affordable EV for All


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Cory Gunther

A capable EV for under 25,000 Euros.

Volkswagen ID.2 EV concept announcement.

Electric vehicles are still too expensive, but that could be changing soon. For months we’ve been hearing about a compact EV from Tesla, targeting a $25,000 price tag, but this week Volkswagen beat them to the punch. This is the affordable new VW ID.2 concept.

Before you get too excited, the new ID.2 hatchback EV is only a concept right now, even if it looks production-ready. More importantly, the German automaker aims for an early 2025 release date.

According to the official Volkswagen press release, when this neat and capable little ID.2 hatchback EV arrives, it’ll cost under €25,000 ($26,000), making it an affordable EV for everyone. The electric car will build on the success of the bigger ID.4, along with the recently released (in Europe) ID.3, and the company said it’s “spacious like a Golf, inexpensive like a Polo.”

As you can see from the images above, the all-new ID.2 looks very similar to the brand’s popular VW Golf. However, what’s important is everything on the inside, making it a rather impressive EV for the price tag.

Volkswagen says it’s targeting a range of around 450 kilometers (280 miles) per charge thanks to a capable FWD system and single motor configuration. That lone electric motor should deliver around 223 horsepower, but due to the size and weight, it’ll still go from 0-60 in around seven seconds. The company didn’t mention battery size.

The ID.2 is part of VW’s new “MEB Entry” platform that will underpin several vehicles from the company. An essential aspect of the MEB Entry platform is the charging system, which reportedly charges vehicles from 10-80% in under 20 minutes.

Again, while this is only a concept right now, we’re seeing a rather impressive interior complete with dual 12-inch infotainment and gauge cluster screens, a big dial for controlling all the systems, dual wireless charging pads in the center console, and interior lighting throughout.

The concept shows a vehicle with a shorter wheelbase and lower height than the current ID.3, yet should still offer a roomy interior for up to four passengers.

The official announcement mentioned Volkswagen’s advancements in software, which also included EV route planning, “IQ. Light” smart headlight systems, travel assistance, and other software suites. It’s worth noting that most of the information is for an upcoming release in Europe, so we’re unsure if it’ll ever arrive stateside.

Either way, this is an exciting new entry into electric vehicles, even if it doesn’t hit the streets until 2025. More importantly, this isn’t the only budget-friendly EV Volkswagen has in the works. VW also mentioned a model that’ll follow in ID. 2’s footsteps but could cost under 20,000 Euros.

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