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Vande Bharat Express overcrowding: Netizens react as ticketless passengers flood coach, ’that’s what happens when…’

Overcrowding in trains is not a new phenomenon, but when it happens in Vande Bharat Express trains, in which only passengers with confirmed seats are allowed to board, it is bound to spark outrage.

An X user shared videos of an incident on the Lucknow-Dehradun Vande Bharat train in which ticketless passengers were seen overcrowding in one of the compartments.

The videos showed scenes resembling the general compartment in the reserved AC premium trains. One clip showed train no 22545 stationed on the platform, with passengers tightly packed into a coach, resulting in an overcrowded aisle. 

However, the Northern Railway refuted these claims, labeling the video as old. It wrote, “This is an old video of an incident which occurred when some farmers forcibly boarded the train, but they were later deboarded. Note: Please refrain from spreading such old/misleading videos.”

The overcrowding post caught Netizens attention who were quick to comment on it.

One user who came in support wrote, “Poors in India are neglected, they are told, U dont deserve anything apart from 5 KG ration as you dont pay income tax.”

“We need air-conditioned general compartments in Indian trains because the temperature can reach 47 degrees Celsius in day time,” some other user commented.

“That’s what happens when you pump all your budget into some fancy Train and neglect the rest used by 97% of the Population,” another user commented.

One user joked and said, “Seems like D-mart shopping”

“It’s shocking that they are not increasing the frequency of general trains alongside the regular and premium trains. Additional tracks are required to cater to growing demands. What’s the point of paying thousands for a seat only to find people storming the entire cabin for free.”

“This not encroachment. This inefficiency. Why general and sleeper coaches are reduced. Earlier every superfast train had 4 general coach. Now only 1 or 2,” another user complained.

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