Unveiling the enchanting borderlands: North Kashmir’s LoC vicinity emerges as a captivating tourist magnet


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In a remarkable turn of events, the serene and once-restricted territories along the Line of Control (LoC) in North Kashmir have evolved into captivating tourist hotspots. After enjoying a period of relative calm, the Jammu and Kashmir government, in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, has thrown open the doors to numerous areas nestled in close proximity to the LoC.

The tranquil years along the LoC have paved the way for the evolution of these areas from border zones into vibrant tourist destinations. (ANI photo)
The tranquil years along the LoC have paved the way for the evolution of these areas from border zones into vibrant tourist destinations. (ANI photo)

This welcome move has not only unveiled the untouched natural beauty of locations like Keran, Gurez, Tangdhar, Machil, and Bangus but also extended a rare opportunity for visitors to witness firsthand the geographical boundary that separates the two nations.This transformation has been a long time coming, and its impact has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The tranquil years along the LoC have paved the way for the evolution of these areas from border zones into vibrant tourist destinations. The synergy between peace and progress has fostered an environment where locals and visitors alike can explore the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage that these regions have to offer. Aftab Ahmed, a seasoned traveller from Srinagar, expressed his admiration for the newfound accessibility of these once-restricted regions.

“The LoC proximity has added a unique layer of significance to our exploration. Being able to witness the majestic landscapes while understanding the historical context is a truly enriching experience,” he said.

The government’s strategic decision to open these areas has unlocked a treasure trove of beauty that was previously hidden from the prying eyes of outsiders. The lush valleys of Gurez, the enchanting beauty of Bangus, and the picturesque charm of Tangdhar have all become magnets for tourists seeking an escape from the mundane and a glimpse into the extraordinary. Zara Khan, a young traveller visiting from Mumbai, shared her impressions of Gurez, “It’s like stepping into a hidden paradise. The untouched beauty of Gurez is breathtaking, and the warmth of the locals makes the experience even more special.”

The opening up of Machil, Keran, and Bangus has not only delighted adventure enthusiasts but also provided local communities with economic opportunities. With the influx of visitors, hospitality and tourism-related businesses have flourished, leading to improved livelihoods for the residents. Bilal Ahmed, a resident of Machil, spoke about the positive change brought about by the surge in tourism.

“Our lives have improved significantly with the increase in visitors. We are able to showcase our rich culture and traditions, while also benefiting from the economic opportunities that tourism brings,” he said.It’s not just about the aesthetic appeal; it’s about bridging cultures and fostering a sense of unity among people from various walks of life.

The open arms with which these areas have embraced tourists are a testament to the local population’s yearning for connection and understanding.As a guide from Tangdhar, eloquently puts it, “The LoC may physically divide us, but the spirit of hospitality and the beauty of our land unite us with our visitors. It’s a reminder that our shared humanity is stronger than any boundary.”

This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text. Only the headline has been changed.

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