Unique places to visit in and around Kochi [Ernakulam]


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Everytime I have spoken to a friend or acquittance who wished to travel to Kochi all they could talk about was the usual “Fort Kochi” beach or “Mattancherry” Palace.

Ofcourse these are places that are worth the visit but, having lived in Kochi for a few months now, I have discovered that it is way more than the afore mentioned.

Kochi can both startle you with a night life that is least expected of it and be mysterious at the same time.

Kochi was able to satisfy my mid-night snack cravings way beyond midnight and with multiple options.

Here are a few places that I have come to like in my latest edition of exploring Kochi.

Cherai Beach :

One of the lesser known beaches of this region, this beach is usually thronged by people who do not mind driving a little to get to a peaceful spot to spend some quality time with family and friends.

With a few cafes and resorts lined up near this beach it is a perfect get away for people who love their space.

Walk along the beach to reach the Ambedkar beach and Kuzhuppilly beach, the pine lined shoreline not only soothes the eyes but is a welcome relief from the tropical heat.

Cherai Causeway :

Walk out of Ambedkar beach near Cherai Beach to take the Cherai Causeway road. This is a trip you will not regret.

I found the most scenic crematorium here( well even the dead wouldn’t mind watching a few beautiful sunsets sometime ).

Jokes apart, this is a road that connects different two sections of land that is separated by a long lake.

The sunset from here is mesmerizing but, do not stay here too long as it gets dark really quick and the place is not well lit.

Kadamakkudy :

Although the name covers a large area, searching for the lake view point and going there or Kadamakkudy kallu shop will get you to the right place.

Sit down for a meal in any of the small eateries here to have the freshest prawns you will have in your life.
Have a pearlspot fry while enjoying a glass of toddy ( if at all you care for an alcoholic drink) .

Else you could sit back , relax and watch the natives fishing in these waters or later in the evening a vibrant sunset.


Queen’s walkway :

For everyone who craves a late night walk along the coastline enjoying the breeze and having a place to sit down that wouldn’t charge you for this although priceless experience go to Queen’s walkway.

An extension of the vembanad Kayal, this is part of a posh locality that has the name of being near the residence of several celebrities of India.


Hill Palace Museum, Thrippunithura :

If you are anything like me, you will find the warm weather quite a damper on the excitement to visit beaches.

Obviously beaches are hot and the afternoons in Kochi can be even more brutally so.

For times like this visit the hill palace museum that is perched on top of a small hill about 10kms away from the city center.

This place is a sea of historical information. With some interesting artefacts and several acers to explore, one could easily spend an entire day here.
As a malayalee who grew up watching “Manichitrathazhu” ( the original movie that was later on remade into several languages including Hindi (Bhool Bhulaiyaa)) it was an experience in itself to see the all so familiar on screen beauty that I always enjoyed, in real life. I couldn’t help myself from repeating some of the famous dialogues from the movie every time I recognized a corridor or room from the movie.

Food :

If all the beach hopping and walk along the lake gets your appetite high – drive to the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, with several eateries around the stadium one can get several options to choose from.

Nothing here satisfies your hunger demon ? No worries, we have got you covered, take the stadium link road to go toward Kaloor and you can find enough restaurants.

Try some chicken in coconut milk or as they call it “Elaneer Chicken” with some Parotta to feel a gastronomical ecstasy.

So, in case you are looking for Kochi beyond Fort Kochi – give these places a try. Adios !!

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