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Trentar announces merger of TM Aerospace and RFLY Innovations

Press Trust of India ( )

Trentar, a full stack UAV and aerial solutions group, has announced the merger of two of its UAV manufacturing unitsTM Aerospace Pvt Ltd and RFLY Innovations Pvt Ltd.

The merger would enable both entities to take advantage of each other’s resources, R&D capabilities, and best practices, besides bringing in synergy and focus, said Lt Gen Sarath Chand (retd), CEO of Trentar’s manufacturing division.

The merged entity will operate under the name ‘RFLY Innovations Pvt Ltd’ and retain all the employees of TM Aerospace. The leadership team will work to maximise efficiencies and identify new opportunities for growth and innovation, said Chand.

He also said the Trentar group will continue to focus on fixed wing and multi rotor platforms. The group has also embarked upon an effort to develop unmanned helicopter platforms for both surveillance and logistics in the high-altitude terrains to meet the requirements of the army, police and paramilitary forces deployed in these areas, he added.

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