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Transifex AI Revolutionizes Global Translation with Cutting-Edge Language Technology – Travel And Tour World

Chetan Deb

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Transifex AI Revolutionizes Global Translation with Cutting-Edge Language Technology

Transifex, the top AI-Powered Translation Management System globally, has officially launched Transifex AI. This marks the debut of the industry’s premier artificial intelligence-driven language technology platform designed to handle all aspects of enterprise translation and localization.

Unlike traditional translation management systems that rely on manual processes unsuitable for over-the-air or continuous localization, Transifex AI stands out as a near real-time collaboration hub tailored for large organizations aiming to automate and expand globally. By focusing on localization use cases and leveraging advanced technology to minimize human intervention, Transifex AI enables organizations to deploy content across international markets without inflating budgets, thereby driving increased revenue, brand loyalty, and engagement.

Transifex AI’s integration with agile software, applications, and website development streamlines the production of multilingual content, overcoming the historical challenge of creating multiple language versions efficiently. With its advanced transcreation capabilities, Transifex AI is particularly valuable for localizing creative content at scale, making it a preferred tool for marketing and product teams.

The successful completion of Transifex AI’s beta program underscores its capability to address diverse translation needs, unlocking new possibilities that were previously hindered by cost and delays. Feedback from 220 customers who participated in the beta program highlighted the platform’s efficiency, with an average of 62% of content strings seamlessly transitioning into production with minimal human editing.

This transformative approach not only disrupts existing vendor pricing models but also exceeds customer expectations by enhancing revenue performance across global markets and accelerating time to market. Compared to traditional vendor offerings combining technology and human costs, Transifex AI reduces translation expenses by more than 10x, making localized content accessible where cost constraints were once prohibitive.

“The era where companies had to decide which content they could make available for which of their global customers is coming to an end,” said Chris Menier, Chief Executive Officer, Transifex. “No longer will budgets dictate which content organizations make available to their global customers, but rather which content is relevant for each market. Our AI-powered translation together with our  quality scoring index have proven that over 60% of our translations are being deemed ready for production without human intervention., freeing up resources.”

Transifex AI has surpassed major Machine Translation (MT) providers consistently in terms of translation quality, as verified by industry-standard quality estimation tools such as COMET and BERT. Unlike other translation management vendors that simply integrate a generic ChatGPT prompt into their user interfaces, Transifex takes a unique approach by minimizing reliance on, yet maximizing the potential of, large language models (LLMs).

Transifex achieves this by leveraging the extensive depth of customer translation activities and insights across various elements such as translated content, glossaries, brand guidelines, workflows, and more. This holistic approach allows Transifex to deliver an unprecedented level of translation quality that was previously unattainable.

“Innovations in AI and continuous localization promise to increase human quality translation while significantly reducing the need for manual actions that typically constitute the majority of translation costs,” said Arle Lommel, senior analyst at CSA Research. “The ability to rapidly scale translation processes – in the customer’s local voice is vital for increasing the speed-to-revenue at the heart of enterprise globalization and customer experience strategies.”

“Transifex has taken a leadership role in leveraging artificial intelligence to create scalable translation management solutions highly localized for the global requirements of its enterprise customers,” said Mohamed Alaa Saayed, Senior Program Director & Fellow, Head of Digital Content Services, Frost & Sullivan. “We look forward to monitoring their progress as the translation industry expands to support an increasingly global economy.”

Transifex is a trusted and collaborative partner whose emphasis on making quality translation simpler is especially important for validating that AI translations are safe and accurate in a multilingual, humanitarian context,” said Liam Nicoll, Signpost Product Lead, International Rescue Committee. “The Signpost project utilizes Transifex for translation in its digital help centers, designed to empower clients in times of crisis. Signpost delivers critical information through staff equipped with digital tools, digital channels and social media — providing communities with timely and actionable information to make critical decisions on the issues that matter most to them.” 

Transifex AI seamlessly integrates with enterprise IT systems, establishing a comprehensive multi-language hub and global content repository accessible through standard connectors, a REST API, SDKs, and integrated workflow automation. This integration enables customers to centrally manage their source content and translations in a manner that complies with brand guidelines, facilitating the scaling of personalized multilingual digital experiences that overcome traditional language barriers and expand global revenue potential.

Additionally, the company has introduced the Transifex Quality Index (TQI), the industry’s pioneering quality scoring index. This index surpasses basic quality estimation by including quality assurance and assessing adherence to the unique linguistic style of the source content. This scientific approach to AI translations reduces the need for human review by identifying areas that require human intervention and areas that do not, thus minimizing costs and time.

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