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Top 10 Android Apps Not Available On Play Store

Hisan Kidwai

It’s no secret that the Google Play Store is the go-to place for Android users to install apps or games. While over 3.5 million apps are on the platform, some of the most amazing open-source apps aren’t available. Here are ten apps you should install right away!

App Name Unique Feature
Round Sync Merges multiple cloud storage solutions into a single app for easy access.
Quick Tiles Allows customization of Android quick settings with added functionalities, enabling users to tailor quick tiles to open specific apps.
Pixel Walls Offers a collection of Pixel device wallpapers, including the famous live wallpapers, from all generations in one app.
Memory Guardian Provides security by allowing users to set a custom period for clipboard reset.
Audio Share Enables the use of your phone’s speakers as a replacement for laptop speakers.
Gramophone An offline music player that automatically categorizes music, includes lyrics support, and offers an equalizer for a tailored listening experience.
Grid Launcher Brings back the beloved tiles and design of Windows Mobile, organizing apps into a neat list format for fans of the discontinued platform.
TimeLapseCam Allows for the creation of time lapses with custom intervals while conserving battery life by turning off the screen.
Vectras VM Enables users to relive and run older operating systems like Windows XP on their phones, and even the newest Windows 11 on Android tablets.
Kvaesitso Offers a change from Google’s Material You theming with a focus on search and customizable widgets.

1. Round Sync

If you’ve been juggling multiple cloud storage solutions, you’re likely familiar with the headache of managing different services, each with its own website and app. But what if there was a solution to merge all these services? Enter Round Sync. This app is an all-in-one solution, allowing users to access each cloud storage system from a single app.

2. Quick Tiles

Ever wished for a shortcut app for Android that could customize your quick settings and unlock a plethora of features? Look no further than Quick Tiles. This free app allows users to customize their quick tiles and add functionalities from the settings app, such as display, notification history, privacy, and more. Additionally, users can tailor the quick tiles to open specific Android apps. To set up Quick Tiles:

  • Open the Quick Tiles app.
  • Enable your desired customization.
  • Add it to your quick settings panel.

3. Pixel Walls

The wallpapers on Pixel devices are some of the best-looking, thanks to Google spending considerable time and resources crafting stunning live wallpapers. While users can install the Wallpaper app from the Google Play Store, it lacks the famous live wallpapers. Now, instead of downloading these wallpapers individually, you can simplify the process by installing the Pixel Walls app. This app includes Pixel wallpapers from all generations of devices.

4. Memory Guardian

The clipboard is one of the most convenient things, considering it stores copied information for an hour. However, this convenience poses a security risk, as any app with the necessary permissions can access the information. To address this concern, consider installing the Memory Guardian app. This app allows users to set a custom period, after which they want the clipboard to be reset. Additionally, users can enable a quick tile for the app, enabling them to clear the clipboard from the notification panel when desired.

Screenshot of the memory guardian Android app

5. Audio Share

Many of us enjoy watching movies and content on our laptops due to the larger screen size. However, the speaker quality on most Windows laptops often falls short, ruining the content-watching experience. Nevertheless, if your phone’s speakers provide better sound quality, you can easily use them as a replacement for your laptop speakers using the Audio Share app. Moreover, this app could also be helpful if you are a video podcast listener, as you can easily take your phone around the house. Here’s how:

  • Download the Audio Share app on both your laptop and mobile device.
  • Open the app on both devices and ensure they are connected to the same network.
  • In the mobile app, adjust the port and host numbers to match those of the laptop.
  • Click “Start Server” on the PC and press Play on the mobile device.

6. Gramophone

If you are one of the few individuals with a lot of music downloaded on their phone and are looking for an offline music player, look no further than Gramophone. This app serves as a one-stop solution for all your music needs. It automatically categorizes your music, includes lyrics support, and offers an equalizer to tailor your listening experience precisely.

7. Grid launcher

While Windows Mobile may have been ahead of its time with its design, notification management, and tiles, the platform ultimately failed to gain traction, leading to its discontinuation by Microsoft. However, for the die-hard fans of Windows Mobile, the Grid Launcher offers a nostalgic experience. This app brings back the beloved tiles from the platform and organizes apps into a neat list format accessible by swiping right.

8. TimeLapseCam

Time lapses are one of the most popular ways to capture the hustle and bustle of a city or the night sky with millions of stars. However, creating time lapses drains a lot of battery life, as the phone must remain on throughout. TimeLapseCam resolves this issue by allowing users to set custom intervals for time lapses while conserving battery life by turning off the screen.

9. Vectras VM

While Windows 11 dominates the current landscape, millions still love the aesthetics of older operating systems like Windows XP. Vectras VM offers a unique solution, enabling users to not only relive these operating systems but also run them on their phones. Moreover, if you have an Android tablet, you can also run the newest Windows 11 and transform your device into a full-fledged computer. To begin:

  • If you’re using Android 14 or higher, download Vectras VM version 2.8 and the bootstrap file below. Otherwise, download Vectras VM version 2.7.
    Screenshot of the download page of VectrasVM
  • Open the app and import the bootstrap file.
  • Once imported, tap the “Add New” button at the bottom right.
  • Select your desired OS and click the download button.
    Screenshot of all the available OSs on VectrasVM
  • On the webpage, locate the OS you wish to install and click download.
  • Import the OS into the app.
    Screenshot of the import OS button
  • Launch the OS.
    Screenshot of Windows CE running on Android phone

10. Kvaesitso

After many years of quirky and unique UIs, most Android phones now adhere to Google’s Material You theming, resulting in a similar experience. However, for those seeking a departure from Google’s aesthetic, the Kvaesitso launcher offers a refreshing alternative. This app reimagines the Android experience with a focus on search. Users can swipe up to access customizable widgets and swipe down to reveal the search console, facilitating quick navigation to any desired app.

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