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TikTok’s newest obsession is coming — meet the Ninja Slushi

If you too have spent countless hours watching people make delicious concoctions in their Ninja Creami, there’s good news. Aptly announced on July 11, 2024, AKA 7/11, AKA Free Slurpee Day, Ninja debuted the Slushi, a frozen drink machine that turns liquid to slush — no ice required.

Ninja already has the kitchen device of the moment with the Creami, an easy-to-use countertop ice cream maker. The Ninja Creami hashtag has over 34.5K posts on TikTok, and while browsing your FYP, it’s impossible to avoid videos of people stirring Fairlife chocolate milk and pudding mix together, for an at-home soft serve experience.

In the heat of summer, the Creami is certainly appealing, more so when it’s on sale, like it is right now. But Ninja is stirring up more frozen delights with the debut of the Slushi.

The Slushi is a frozen drink maker that looks professional, something you’d see at a restaurant or bar, but it’s meant for your home. With Ninja’s RapidChill technology, the Slushi spins liquid while simultaneously chilling it, to create slush.

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The chilling is thanks to a “Whisperchill” compressor, which claims to quietly maintain a drink’s texture and temperature for up to 12 hours. One of the main complaints of the Creami is just how loud it is, so a quiet appliance is certainly enticing. That being said, since we haven’t tested the Slushi, we can’t confirm just how quiet it actually is.

On the left, a Ninja Slushi surrounded by drinks, on the right, a Ninja Slushi dispensing a red frozen margarita.

The Ninja Slushi makes everything from your morning coffee frappé to your evening frozen cocktail.
Credit: Ninja

So why would one want to buy another kitchen device when you could make daiquiris and pina coladas in your blender? The perk of the Slushi is that it creates frozen drinks without the need for ice, unlike your blender. That means your cocktails and milkshakes won’t get watered down.

The Slushi comes with 5 presets: Slush, spiked slush, frappé, milkshake, and frozen juice. It holds about 64 ounces of liquid and to dispense your mixture, use the self-serve handle and no-mess spout. Clean up promises to be easy too, as the parts are all dishwasher safe.

At $269.99, the Ninja Slushi price isn’t bad, especially in comparison to previous frozen drink makers we’ve tested, like the Margaritaville frozen drink maker, which costs over $500.

While we can’t attest to just how effective the Slushi is at making frozen drinks, it shows promise. And based on how popular the Ninja Creami is, we expect the Slushi to be TikTok’s new favorite device.

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