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The happiest zodiac signs

Snehaa Khanna Sahgal

What if the happiest zodiac signs could access the universe’s direct hotline whenever they were feeling low? Could this be the key to their cheerfulness? Or is it a secret sauce that only they have the recipe too? Contentment is hard to come by in this age of capitalism, being overwhelmed by social media’s endless scroll and switching between dating apps to find love. But some people have cracked the code and manage to radiate the brightest light despite it all. Do you fall among the happiest zodiac signs? Read on to know:


Grounded and appreciative of life’s simple pleasures, Taureans find happiness in stability, comfort, and material goods. They enjoy sensory experiences and like to create a secure environment for themselves and their loved ones. Their inner child loves to come out and play. Sparking innocence and thriving in a safe environment is everything a Taurean needs to sparkle and shine.


Confident and charismatic, Leos often radiate happiness through their vibrant personality and love for life. They enjoy being in the spotlight, expressing themselves creatively and bringing joy to those around them. Like the sun, they need no reason to shine, except a deep love of themselves and a commitment to live life to the fullest. Their never-have-a-dull-moment and an intense sense of self-confidence attitude make them one of the happiest zodiac signs.


They love experiencing life to the fullest. Throw a Scorpio into a room full of strangers and they will leave the party with several new friends. They are not only amicable and witty but also have the skill to take the highs and lows of life with a pinch of salt. If there were an unlikely spiritual guru on the zodiac wheel, it would be a Scorpio—only because they meet others with an uncanny depth and know how to navigate the deepest waters with a smile.


Their bullseye focus on their goals makes them oblivious to most external stimuli. But when they do decide to party, they are often the last ones standing. Capricorns have a wildly obsessive streak about them that intoxicates their minds with constant dopamine hits like none other. Often swinging between the extremes of all work and all play, this sign has surely found the perfect recipe for happiness.


‘Live and let live to the point of seeming aloof and unbothered’ is the Aquarius path to unlimited happiness. This trait helps them tune out all the unnecessary noise out of their lives and minds allowing them to focus solely on what makes life bright for them. Their laughter and zest for life are almost as infectious, as is their constant craving to explore something new that keeps them young at heart forever.


The inclination to be everywhere all at once keeps this sign on their toes and constantly curious about life. None of the other zodiacs can really keep up with their incessant need to explore, not even a Gemini. Saggitarians are like toddlers on a sugar rush—only all the time—and this makes them one of the most carefree, eccentric and gleeful zodiac signs.


Lewis Carol’s ‘Life Is but a Dream’ comes alive in a Piscean’s way of life. Their unwavering faith in their La La Land ensures they are living their best blockbuster musical fantasy life, at least in their minds. This quality of remaining untouched by whatever comes their way not only makes them dreamy but also keeps them happy as a clam.


Embodying the ever-changing nature of life, Geminis are driven by an insatiable need to share their experiences. Unfazed by life’s deepest transformations, this adaptable sign thrives on growth and mental stimulation, happily immersing themselves in a good book, captivating conversation or extraordinary experience—for they possess a unique ability to extract the very best that life has to offer.

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