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HomeTechThe best robot vacuums for 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

The best robot vacuums for 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

The Dreame X30 Ultra is the best two-in-one machine money can buy, and you’ll need a lot of money to score this latest and greatest machine. It sits at $1,700 and is regularly priced, but let me tell you why you need this machine if you have kids, pets, or both. 

The X30 Ultra can do it all — vacuum, mop, avoid obstacles, self-empty, self-refill, self-clean (both the mop heads and the washboard), self-dispense the cleaning solution, and self-dry. The robot can even determine how dirty your floors are and will automatically go over them a second time (if this feature is enabled). As someone who only walks around her home barefoot, I mean it when I tell you the dual oscillating mop heads truly scrub my floors. They look fantastic after a cleaning run. Are you convinced yet? 

Review: Dreame X30 Ultra

The mopping is superb, but the vacuuming also does a great job. At 8,300Pa suction, the X30 Ultra easily handles my carpet and rugs, suctioning up my pet hair and dirt while leaving pretty vacuuming lines behind. The auto-empty feature is also incredibly quiet, and I never wake my son up after he’s gone to bed and I run the machine. It features a built-in light and impressively cleans well at night with only a lamp or two in my house. This is my favorite two-in-one machine and a must-have if you can justify the price.

Amazon reviewers also feel overwhelmingly positive about the X30 Ultra, one saying, “The most impressive part is how well it cleans. I love coming home to a house that [is] swept daily and mopped twice a week (my settings).” Waking up every morning and starting with freshly vacuumed and mopped floors helps give me the best start to my day possible. I love this machine and think you will, too.

Dreame X30 Ultra features: MopExtend cleaning capability | 8300Pa suction power | Multi-functional base station | Price: $1300

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