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The Best Gifts For Vagabond Travellers in 2023

Mallika Bhagat

Gifting is a challenging task, even for the best of us. But if you, or any of your friends and loved ones, are globe trotters and frequent road trippers, make your task a little easier with this list of gifts that’ll make their and your trips comfortable and enjoyable.  

Travel Bags

While travelling light has always been the mantra for passengers, they now also factor in fashion. A good trolley bag offers the perfect combination of toughness and class to make your travelling smooth and hassle-free. You could go with Tumi’s newly released Tegra-Lite bag, which has been made keeping sustainability in mind. One shell layer of the hardside case is made with recycled polycarbonate, along with other interior and exterior components that have also been made with recycled materials. It is sturdy ad has a built-in TSA lock for the safety of your contents.

Tech Organiser kit by Marshall

Tech Kit Organiser

Regular travellers know what we are talking about. Messy wires and tangled cords are a hard pass. Perfect for neat freaks, tech kit organisers save you precious time and space by keeping all cables in one place and protecting them from any potential damage. DailyObjects Marshal Tech Kit Organiser is made of cotton canvas and has a flat layout when zipped to ensure convenient access. It can easily hold chargers, power banks, mouse, cords and adaptors and comes in various vibrant colours.

Travel Accessories

Gifts are best when they are personalised, and with The Black Box Co, you can gift true nomads travel accessories that they’ll use and adore in equal measure. You can customise any travel accessory, from travel wallets to passport covers and duffels. They also do personalised couple travel gifts that are perfect for any duo. 

Get customised travel accessories by The Black Box Co

Personal Portable Water Purifier

While travelling, purchasing a new water bottle for each day is a hard pass. While steel bottles are convenient, they aren’t easy to carry and replenish while on a trek. If you or your friends love offbeat destinations and remote treks, Lifestraw portable water filter is your new companion. It can remove 99% of water-borne bacteria while reducing turbidity, filtering down to particles up to 0.2 microns.

Portable travel mugs by Tintbox

Travel Mugs

People who clock frequent travel miles are used to diversity in their food, but the sanctity of their morning cuppa needs to be intact. To this end, a travel mug is a great gift, letting you carry your coffee or tea wherever you go. Durable, lightweight and easy to carry, these sustainable travel mugs by Tintbox are a must-have. 100% plastic-free, these beverage holders are made of borosilicate glass and come with a silicon lid and grip for ergonomic support. Moreover, it can hold any drink, so use it well.

Pain Relief Wrap Compress by Omved

Portable Pain Relief Wrap Compress

We know the perils (and pain) of being a regular jet-setter. Whatever your commute mode, no one is immune to debilitating back, shoulder and neck aches. With Omved’s Pain Relief Neck/Chest/Shoulder Wrap Compress, you can be ensured of relief, even on the go. The wrap is ergonomically designed with essential oils and herbs, divided equally around the compress that takes the shape of your body for pain relief. It provides both hot and cold compress. 

Typewriter Journal by The Black Canvas

Travel Planners and Diary

For travellers who love journaling, what is a better gift than a perfect diary? Our ideal pick is Typewriter Journal by The Black Canvas, which pays homage to all things vintage. The leather cover comes with a pebbled texture and a typewriter font on the cover. With white eco-friendly paper, the books can be refilled with paper once you’ve saturated all your pages with travel memories or even doodles. It comes as a standalone and a set with accessories like Kraft Pocket Folder, binder clip, and two notebooks.


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