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The Art of Wellness Travel | How to Combine Healthy Travel & Wellness?

Nilabh Ranjan

The Art of Wellness Travel- The best way to explore the world’s beauties, come across unspoken trails, and be a part of unknown cultures is to travel.

Traveling is what keeps most of us encouraged and motivated. You sign up for new experiences and enriching encounters when you leave your house.

Whether exploring the farthest outlands in the wilderness or the beautiful chaos in gorgeous cities, travelling brings excitement to life.

It helps us build not only memories but great connections. These are the most important reasons on why we travel?

But one thing that most of us often miss out on is the importance of healthy travel.

Yes! When planning our trips, we usually must remember to prioritize our health. We would always look forward to an incredible journey with beautiful moments, but we should pay more attention to our minds and bodies mental and physical states.

And this sometimes results in difficult situations. Because travelling may be fun, but it can also be exhausting and strenuous at times. Hence, having a certain physical and mental fitness level is always best.

So, here we will discuss the importance of wellness travel and how you can combine wellness with adventure.

Let’s learn about wellness travel, tips to stay healthy during the journey, benefits of healthy travel, top places for wellness retreats, and more.

What is Wellness Travel?

Well, it is the kind of travel that deals with health-prioritizing activities while on a trip. It is the travel wherein you consider mental, physical, and emotional well-being to rejuvenate your mind and body.

The main motive of wellness travel is to escape the mundane and focus on physical health and mental fitness.

It is all about giving importance to oneself and providing opportunities to heal and relax.

You may travel spiritually and explore divine temples and religious places to pacify your inner spirit.

You can also book outdoor adventures like water sports, trekking, camping, and hiking to feel that adrenaline rushing missing in your life.

However, wellness travel is mainly associated with travelling for yoga retreats, nature trips, massage tours, meditation, and Ayurvedic excursions.

Disconnect from your tech world and embrace the warmth of natural beauties. Unwind amid greenery and surrender yourself to the melodies of mother earth.

Wellness travel helps reduce stress and anxiety in life, improves sleep patterns, strengthens the immune system, and builds confidence.

But how would you know you should go for wellness travel? Well, scroll down and learn more!

Types of Wellness Tourists and Who Should Go For It

Only some people love wellness travel, to be specific. Isn’t it? However, the kind of tourists who prefer healthy travel over historical tours or cultural explorations include:

Fitness Freaks

These are the travellers who are highly dedicated to maintaining their fitness routine. Whether it is through hiking, trekking, cycling, or other outdoor adventure activities, they always seek a healthy lifestyle.

Peace Seeker

Yes! The one constantly seeks quiet corners to revitalize their mind and body. Peace seekers are usually stressed-out travellers who wish to reduce stress by travelling to various destinations. They love going on yoga retreats, spa treatments, etc.

Health-Conscious Travellers

You may not be a fitness freak who is always into a strict routine but someone who loves exploring places for healthy eating, fitness centres, etc.

Spiritual Traveller

Spiritual travellers love wellness travel as it provides them with several opportunities to relax amid natural beauties and sacred sites.

It helps them in personal growth and allows them to connect with like-minded people.

Solo Traveller

These are the travellers who do not prefer travelling in groups as they consider themselves free birds.

They indulge their senses through wellness travel and seek healthy encounters with new cultures, traditions, communities, and more.

If you are one among these kinds of traveller who are always on the lookout for something peaceful and de-stressing, then wellness travel is your calling.

Benefits of Healthy & Wellness Travel

Wellness travel is a growing trend for nothing! It has some profound benefits that you can savor. Some of the significant benefits of healthy travel include:

Boosts Happiness and Reduces Stress

You rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul when you engage in various physical activities, explore outdoors, or go on yoga retreats or spa vacations. This consequently boosts happiness and reduces stress and depression.

Enhance Brain and Heart Health

The healthier you eat and stay, the better your brain and heart are. You enhance brain functions and cardiovascular health by emphasizing healthy eating habits and physical activities.

Encourages Healthy Eating

Many wellness retreats and programs offer cooking classes, farm-to-table experiences, and opportunities to learn about local cuisine, which can inspire travellers to make healthier food choices and adopt healthier eating habits long after their trip is over.

Improves Sleep Pattern

Healthy travel also improves your sleep pattern as it helps you break free from that boring routine.

When you are chilled out and relaxed, you get proper sleep. Moreover, yoga activities and meditation programs on a trip would provide a peaceful and comfortable environment to change your sleep habits.

Cultural Immersion

You can take cooking or local language classes or engage with locals during outdoor activities.

This would allow you to embrace new cultures and learn more about their traditions and customs.

Foster Connections

No doubt, travel of any kind helps you foster strong connections. And when you take up healthy journey, you strongly look forward to meeting people with the same mindset.

This may not only help you make good friends but may also provide you with relationships for a lifetime.

Significant Ways to Travel Healthy

Whatever you may try to stay healthy and fit while travelling, there will come days when you undoubtedly miss out on your routine.

So, here we list the top tips on traveling healthily so you can always stay fit.

Stay Hydrated

Keep it the thumb rule wherever you travel, especially in hot regions where day temperatures are usually above average. It is essential to keep yourself hydrated so you don’t feel fatigued.

Eat Healthy Meals

Of course, indulging in healthy meals is a significant and noticeable way to keep yourself healthy during travels.

If you visit remote areas, you can pack healthy snacks like nuts, protein bars, fruits, etc.

Exercise Regularly

Set a specific time to engage in daily physical activities, irrespective of where you are. The key to healthy travel is daily exercise. You can also practice yoga asanas if you don’t have time or space for jogging or walking.

Get Vaccinated

Before heading out to the place of travel, ensure you have taken all the necessary vaccinations. Consult your doctor beforehand to avoid health risks during your journey.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is a popular yogic activity that can benefit you in many ways. Apart from reducing stress & depression, it helps enhance mental clarity and the immune system.

Prioritise Sleep

Yes! It is essential to get proper sleep of at least seven hours daily as it affects your mental and physical health.

Avoid Junk Food

Unless there is no option to depend on for your daily meal, avoid junk food at all costs. This food shouldn’t be in your diet as it poses several risks to your health, including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

How to Maintain Yoga Practise While Travelling

Isha Yoga Center

Yoga is a great way to lead a healthy lifestyle, and those who practice it regularly always feel energized, encouraged, and motivated.

But when you are travelling, it can be challenging to keep up with daily practice. However, if you are dedicated enough and would not want to miss out on daily exercise, then here are specific tips for you:

Wake Up Early

Kickstart your day as early as possible. As per yoga experts and gurus, early morning is the best time to practice yoga as it will keep you energetic and vibrant throughout the day.

Bring Your Yoga Mat

Yoga and yoga mat go hand in hand. So, wherever you go, have your yoga mat in your backpack to practice it anywhere, anytime. Also, pack comfortable clothing!

Take Help from Online Classes.

If you are still looking for a local yoga community or a training center, you can take help from the internet and use online classes to continue your practice.

There are dozens of yoga websites and channels that can guide you.

Join a Yoga Retreat

If you are on a staycation or extended vacation, locating a yoga retreat nearby is advisable.

These are where people enroll in various short and long-duration yoga programs, including 100-hour and 200 hour yoga TTC in India.

Practice In Your Hotel Room

You can also practice yoga in your hotel room if you do not wish to step out or leave your hotel for any reason. This way, you can keep up with your daily yoga routine.

Make Time for Yoga

You cannot give excuses for not practicing yoga, so setting aside some time for yoga is essential.

Top 3 Countries for Wellness Retreats

International Yoga Festival

There are dozens of countries in the world that claim to offer exceptional wellness retreats.

So, to make it easy for you, we have sorted out the list of top countries where you can engage in healthy travel to the fullest.


The birthplace of yoga, where you can have world-renowned yoga retreats, Ayurveda centers, and other such wellness resorts to cater to your requirements.

Sign up for yoga training, meditation programs, spa sessions, Ayurveda cooking, workshops, etc., in Rishikesh, Goa, Mysuru, and Kerala.


Thailand is where you detox amid surreal beauties. Beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage, and a friendly environment make Thailand a perfect wellness treatment destination.

You also have amazing tropical weather to relish.


Bali in Indonesia is where you would find the best affordable and luxury yoga retreats and Ayurveda centers.

Enjoy great spa sessions or practice yoga under the open sky while relishing the grand spectacles of lush green fields and forests.

Costa Rica

Foster your well-being in the soothing retreats of Costa Rica. A gorgeous country in Central America, Costa Rica has a mix of nature, history, and culture to relish and excellent health resorts to rejuvenate yourself.

Tips To Choose the Right Wellness Retreat

Choosing the correct wellness retreat can be a daunting task; however, with some careful consideration, you can find the perfect retreat for your needs.

Finalize Your Budget

Wellness retreats offer affordable as well as luxury packages. So, it’s essential to set a budget before you start exploring. Remember that the retreat’s cost may include only some activities and services.

Identify Your Goals

Before you choose a wellness retreat, make sure to identify your wellness goals. Check if you wish to reduce stress, lose weight, improve your fitness, or learn to meditate.

Once you have set your goals, choose the one that offers the same.


Research the retreat online, read reviews from past guests, and check their website to get a sense of what they offer.


Choose a location that supports your wellness goals and inspires you. If you are looking for relaxation, choose a retreat in a peaceful place.

If you want to improve your fitness, go with a retreat that offers challenging outdoor activities.

Reputed and Certified Teachers

Ensure your chosen retreat has certified and experienced instructors, therapists, and practitioners who can guide your wellness journey.

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