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The 11 Best Hot Rollers For Bouncy, Voluminous Curls That Last

Alanna Martine Kilkeary

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Hot rollers are a great way to achieve bouncy, voluminous curls with little effort and technique required. When it comes to shopping for a reliable hot roller set, the material, temperature, and proper clips are key for a crease-free, glossy finish. Whether you’re looking to achieve tighter coils or loose waves, here, we spoke with LA-based celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos for insight on what to look for when buying hot rollers, plus how to incorporate them into your styling routine.

Our top 11 hot rollers, at a glance:

Shop the 11 best hot rollers

Best overall: T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe — $119.00

Material: Aluminum | Temperature: 2 heat settings | Roller Size: 1.75″, 1.5″

Giannetos loves this hot roller set that has two temperature settings for long-lasting curls. “This set has excellent temperature control, quick heat-up time, and variety of sizes,” he says. It comes with 1.75” and 1.5” velvet rollers and creaseless clips to give you a seamless finish. We also love that these rollers are suitable for all hair types, making them the best overall.

  • Safe for all hair types
  • Two temperature settings

Best for big curls: Conair Professional Jumbo and Super-Jumbo Ceramic Hot Hair Rollers — $40.00

Material: Ceramic | Temperature: 1 heat setting | Roller Size: 1.75″, 1.5″

These jumbo rollers heat up in just 85 seconds and give you big, bold curls that last for hours if you keep them in for twenty minutes or more. They have easy-to-use claw clips to keep each roller in place and come in 1.75” and 1.5” inches for major volume.

  • Creates jumbo curls
  • Under $50
  • Some users report that they are very hot to the touch and best used with a heat-protective glove

Best for volume: Hairitage Ceramic Thermal Hot Rollers — $40.00

Material: Ceramic | Temperature: 1 heat setting | Roller Size: 1.75″, 1.5″

We love these thermal hot rollers for an instantly volumized look. This set comes with 10 rollers with heat-resistant tips that make styling a breeze—just roll the velvet rollers up and clip in without tangles or snags.

  • Tangle-free
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Some users report that the curls are not super long-lasting

Best for short hair: Calista Ion Hot Rollers Short Set — $109.00

Material: Plastic | Temperature: 230°F | Roller Size: 1″, 1.25″

Curl short hair with ease thanks to these hot rollers that come with 1” and 1.25” barrels. This set heats up to 230°F and can be left in for 15 minutes for tighter curls on coarse hair or 5 minutes for looser waves on finer hair.

  • Suitable for short hair
  • Automatic shut off
  • Some users report that these rollers are more suitable for thinner hair types

Best for beginners: Conair 20-Roller Compact Setter — $25.00

Material: Plastic | Temperature: 1 heat setting | Roller Size: Small, medium, large

If you’re just beginning your hot roller journey, let us introduce you to this affordable set that has 20 multi-sized rollers (small, medium, and large). It heats up quickly and allows you to create loose, bouncy, or tight curls—whichever you please.

  • Contains 20 rollers
  • Under $30

Best for sleek curls: BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Hot Rollers — $75.00

Material: Ceramic | Temperature: 1 heat setting | Roller Size: 0.75”, 1”, 1.25”

If you yearn for sleek and shiny curls, try this hot roller set that has small, medium, and large velvet-flocked rollers. They’re extremely gentle and work to help your hair retain moisture and smoothness.

  • Multi-size rollers
  • Controls frizz
  • Users report inconsistency in temperature across various purchases

Best for damaged hair: Remington Shine Therapy Argan Oil & Keratin Treated Hair Setters — $27.00

Material: Ceramic | Temperature: Dual heated | Roller Size: 1”, 1.25”

If heat damage concerns you, these hot rollers are a great solution. They’re made with argan oil and keratin to help nourish and strengthen hair as they set to help protect strands and avoid breakage. You’ll be left with silky, healthy-looking curls.

  • Made with moisturizing ingredients
  • Heats up in 90 seconds
  • Users report that this set does not have a long lifespan

Best for fine hair: CARUSO 30 Piece Molecular Steam Hairsetter — $44.00

Material: Foam | Temperature: Dual heated, steam | Roller Size: Multi-size

For a hot roller that’s gentler on hair, try this steam pick. Simply steam one of the multi-size foam rollers and place it into your hair to help set and create curls. This one curls quickly and leaves you with a volumized finish with little damage.

  • Multi-size roller
  • A gentler alternative to other hot rollers on the market
  • Users share that the rollers have a hard time staying in

Best for travel: Conair Ceramic Travel Hairsetter Hot Rollers — $17.00

Material: Ceramic | Temperature: Dual voltage | Roller Size: 1.5”

This dual-voltage travel hair setter is compact enough for your carry-on and outlet-friendly. It includes 5 jumbo 1.5” rollers and clips, and a 5-foot power cord, making it easy to use no matter where you’re setting your curls!

  • Comes with only 5 rollers

Best for salon curls: Drybar The Roller Club Curling Hot Hair Rollers — $129.00

Material: Ceramic | Temperature: 230°F | Roller Size: 1.25”, 1.5”

Create salon-worthy curls with these hot hair rollers that heat up to 230°F. The set comes with 1.25” and 1.5” rollers and creaseless clips to give you a volumized, curled, and silky finish. We also love how quickly this set heats up and that they’re suitable for all hair types.

  • Controls frizz
  • Long-lasting curls
  • Users report that the rollers are very heavy, making them hard to use

What to look for in hot rollers

Giannetos states that there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a hot roller set including roller size, the heating elements, and proper clips. Here’s what to look for when shopping:

The roller size

“Look for sets with a variety of sizes to create different curl styles,” he explains. This will allow you to create a more customizable look and will make curling your hair easier if you have layers and angles, with both short and long pieces.

The heating elements

Quick heating times plus ceramic or tourmaline rollers will ensure an even heat distribution, Giannetos explains. These rollers can also help prevent frizz and increase body and shine.

The clips

Creaseless clips or pins that hold the rollers in place without causing dents are a key feature to consider,” says Giannetos. Because clips can cause creases in the hair, the wrong clips can make or break your look, and while we love a crimped style—that’s not exactly the look we’re going for when using hot rollers.

How to use hot rollers

If it’s your first time using hot rollers, Giannetos has a few tips to share. “Start with clean, dry, and detangled hair, and apply a heat protectant spray to shield your hair from heat damage,” he says. We recommend the Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Heat Protectant ($30) for this or the Dae Agave Dry Heat Protection and Hold Styling Mist ($30).

Next, divide your hair into sections and take small pieces of your hair, wrap them around a roller, roll it up towards your scalp, and secure it with a clip or pin. Repeat until all sections are done. “Once your rollers cool off you can unroll them and you’re ready to go! I also suggest using your fingers to separate and style the curls,” says Giannetos.

It’s also important to note that different hairstyles can affect the use of hot rollers. For fine hair, Giannetos recommends using smaller rollers and leaving them in for tighter curls and added volume. “For thicker hair, I recommend opting for larger rollers and sectioning your hair well to ensure even heating,” he says. If you have curly hair, Giannetos says that larger-sized rollers will enhance and smooth out natural curls. “Straight hair works best with a mix of small and large rollers to create dimension and movement,” he explains.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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