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Telangana Temple’s Handi Counting Program Yields Rs 1.88 Crore In 38 Days – News18


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People from all around the country have contributed to the handi.

People from all around the country have contributed to the handi.

It is located in Telangana’s Vemulawada. Lord Shiva is the deity that is being worshipped in the temple.

Sri Raja Rajeshwara Temple is one of the most famous Hindu temples in Telangana, India. It is located in the town of Vemulawada where Lord Shiva is worshipped. This place, which was a part of the old capital city of Badami, is also known as Dakshina Kashi. There is a water tank inside the temple premises that is believed to never dry up and has a four-faced Shiva linga in the middle. The handi counting programme at the temple has started as well. It has been found that the counting has been going on for 38 days.

Incharge K Vinod Reddy has revealed the details of the income of the Sri Raja Rajeshwara Temple. The charge said that for 38 days, the temple received an income of Rs 1.88 crore. He also added that 360 grams and 100 milligrams of gold and 14 kilograms of silver were received as gifts from devotees. Before the counting programme, the top officials and the police authorities checked the CCTV thoroughly to keep a check on the total income earned. The officials have revealed that the handi of the temple has increased in income compared to last year.

The temple authorities gave Teertha Prasada along with the darshan bhagyam to the devotees and gave donations to the devotees who participated in the handi counting programme. Many devotees feel fortunate to participate in the temple handi’s counting programme and consider it a service to the deity himself.

The income calculation of the handi programme, which was done under the supervision of office inspectors Satyanarayana and Vinod Reddy, revealed that they had also done some outsourcing to count the handi.

Every day, thousands of devotees from distant places reach the Sri Raja Rajeshwara Temple and offer heifers to the deity as a form of donation. Under the shadow of CCTV cameras, temple authorities, and police surveillance, they have successfully conducted the handi income calculation programme.

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