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Teacher spends ‘hours on phone’, suspended | India News – Times of India

Sandeep Rai

An assistant teacher at a govt school in Sambhal was suspended after a surprise check by the district magistrate Rajendra Pansiya on Wednesday revealed he had been spending ” hours on his mobile phone during school time and not checking students’ notebooks correctly” .
According to the officials, Pansiya found the teacher, Priyam Goel, holding a phone and playing games.Speaking to TOI, the DM said, “I asked if he was regularly using the ‘Diksha’ and ‘Read Along’ apps prescribed by govt for ease of learning. When I did not get a satisfactory answer, I asked for the hourly details and found that the teacher was using the phone during school time.” He added: “I then began checking the copies of students and found glaring mistakes. The tutor had ticked all the answers right without even correcting the mistakes. This was a gross dereliction of duty.” Despite several attempts, Goel could not be reached for comments.

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