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Take a Look Inside Francis Ford Coppola’s Hotel for Filmmakers

Lucas Ropek

Fresh off pouring $120 million of his own fortune into Megalopolis, a movie that has been called “batshit crazy” and reportedly involves a long scene of Jon Voigt’s character admiring his own boner, seminal auteur Francis Ford Coppola is not resting on his laurels. Instead, he’s on to his next big, crazy business venture: the launch of a hotel designed specifically for filmmakers.

The All-Movie Hotel, located in Peach Tree, Georgia, offers 27 different accommodations and includes “state of the art on-site post-production facilities, fostering a collaborative environment for filmmakers to edit, perfect, and showcase their work,” Coppola’s website says. A small theater is also part of the hotel’s lodgings, so occasional movie viewings are also, presumably, part of the deal. The All-Movie Hotel, which will be open to the public on July 25th, is part of Coppola’s already existing network of hotels, The Family Coppola Hideaways, which currently has other locations in Belize, Guatemala, Argentina, and Italy.

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“I fell in love with Peachtree City during my two years of residency here while shooting Megalopolis,” Coppola writes on his website. “We created a completely unique place here for filmmakers and film enthusiasts as well all our Hideaway guests around the world, to enjoy this new hideaway as well as rubbing shoulders with filmmakers in the midst of their work!”

In other words, it sounds like, even if you’re not a filmmaker, you can stay in Coppola’s new hotel and, as he says, rub shoulders with the directors or crew who may be staying there.

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For interested filmmakers, the hotel boasts a host of cinema-making amenities, including an “editorial wing” with individual suites for production and sound editing, as well as the theater, which can be used for screenings. Coppla’s site notes that the location also includes an “additional ethernet patch bay that allows you to add a localized server and port out to all rooms/suites located within the property.”

The filmmaker’s new business seems to have been an outgrowth of his time spent directing Megalopolis.  “When I didn’t want to think about the movie, I would think about this hotel, and when I didn’t want to think about the hotel, I’d think about the movie,” Coppola says, in a promotional video about the hotel.

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Coppola is an unconventional businessman, to say the least. The director of such titanic works of American cinema as The Godfather trilogy and Apocalypse Now has never shied away from doing his own thing. In addition to his family-owned wineries and hotels, Coppola has previously launched a cannabis company, a literary journal, a restaurant and cafe, and resorts, among other things. As previously mentioned, his most recent picture, Megalopolis, is also a self-funded work, one that has polarized audiences and critics, but is undeniably an original, just like Coppola.


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