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The Latest | The UK goes to the polls in a national election with results expected early Friday

Voters in the U.K. are casting their ballots in a national election to choose the 650 lawmakers who will sit...

Canada Foreign Meddling Report Sparks ‘Traitors’ Accusation

(Bloomberg) -- The leader of Canada’s third-largest national party said some of the country’s lawmakers were “traitors” who should be...

Scholz Condemns Far-Right Lawmakers for Zelenskiy Speech Boycott

(Bloomberg) -- German Chancellor Olaf Scholz pilloried lawmakers from the far—right Alternative for Germany and the far-left BSW parties for...

Pakistan’s Punjab Assembly allows lawmakers to use of Punjabi language in house – Times of India

ISLAMABAD: Lawmakers in Pakistan's Punjab Assembly would now be able to speak in at least four indigenous languages, including...