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System76’s New Open-Source Hardware Keyboard Is Massive

Arol Wright

System76 Launch Heavy keyboard

If you’re a keyboard enthusiast, System76’s Launch lineup of keyboards is perhaps among the best keyboards out there. They’re a little on the expensive side, but they allow unparalleled tweaking allowing you to get it to work just how you like to. And you can now get it with a numpad, even.

The Launch lineup of keyboards is currently comprised of the Launch Lite, with 70 keys, and the Launch, with 84 keys and a function row. Now, System76 is launching a version with a fuller set of 105 keys, including a numpad, that it’s dubbing the Launch Heavy. The keyboard is a great option for those who were looking at everything System76’s keyboards were bringing to the table, but couldn’t settle with anything less than a full-size keyboard.


The Launch Heavy is, as its name very well suggests, considerably bigger and heavier than the other two options due to the fact we now have a numpad built in. Otherwise, pretty much identical to the Launch or Launch Lite. The split spacebar invites you to remap a frequently-used key within your thumb’s reach, and likewise, pretty much everything about the keyboard is remappable thanks to the System76 Keyboard Configurator. Even the keyboard itself is open-source, in true System76 fashion.

The Launch Heavy will start at $299, and users can get $40 off from it thanks to the Bundle Up promotion, by bundling it with a System76 computer or laptop. If you’re not fond of numpads, this promotion also applies to other keyboards, albeit with a lesser discount — you can save $36 on a Launch and $24 on a Launch Lite.

If this sounds like your next keyboard, make sure to log into System76’s storefront and get one ordered right now.

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