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Switzerland tourism: Two sides of Swiss cities that showcase urban appeal and nature’s bounty

No matter how thoroughly you plan your vacation to Switzerland, you will still be left surprised at the number of multi-dimensional experiences that the beautiful country offers when you are finally there, especially in and around its buzzing cities and though avid travellers would know of frequented popular destinations, there is a whole world of nature experiences and activities that can be enjoyed in and around the country’s cities that are different, convenient and easy to access that not many are aware of. This is exactly what makes the cities in Switzerland stand apart – these boutique cities offer all the facilities of a modern city with an abundance of nature to be explored within and just outside their city limits.

Switzerland tourism: Two sides of Swiss cities that showcase urban appeal and nature’s bounty (Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash)
Switzerland tourism: Two sides of Swiss cities that showcase urban appeal and nature’s bounty (Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash)

These cities allow visitors to enjoy the best of both worlds — the cosmopolitan, fast-paced action-packed city life offering a vibrant nightlife, art, culture and entertainment as well as the beautiful pristine landscapes of Switzerland with activities like walks, hikes, boat rides and many other varied adventures. Their close proximity to both nature and wilderness as well as to all the things that make a city buzz and come alive make these Swiss cities popular among travellers across the world!

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Ritu Sharma, Deputy Director and Marketing Head – India at Switzerland Tourism, elaborated upon some top picks:

  • Zurich – Located in the stunning German-speaking region of Switzerland, Zurich has the heart of all Indians who’ve seen it come alive in the movies and aspired to visit it. The city captivates with its cultural attractions, charming old towns, pulsating nightlife, delectable cuisines, beautiful lakes, and surrounding natural beauty but there is more to Zurich than meets the eye!

Did you ever imagine you could go mountain biking in and around the rugged terrain of Zurich? The city has aced its outdoor adventure offerings with tailor-made experiences like mountain climbing or abseiling that promise to make your visit thrilling and unique. You can explore Zurich on an e-bike by signing up for biking tours that take you to every part of the city. If you prefer group excursions, walking is another great way to explore some hidden gems of Zurich. Viadukt is a popular shopping destination in the city that combines food, fashion, and design. The district is housed in the arches of an old railway viaduct, giving it a distinctive industrial feel.

Don’t forget to visit the popular FIFA World Football Museum or stroll through Zurich’s Old Town with its charming guild houses, historic churches and hidden squares that dot the Limmat river or dine at the Haus Hiltl — the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, when you’re in the city.

  • Lucerne – This charming city located in Central Switzerland is frequented by travellers for its beautiful lakeside setting, colourful medieval architecture and stunning mountain views. Among its most visited landmarks is the Chapel Bridge, the oldest wooden covered bridge. The mountain excursions to Mt. Rigi and Mt. Pilatus are equally popular as the Swiss Museum of Transport, which makes for a perfect family experience. A paradise for inquisitive minds – Swiss Museum of Transport takes a fascinating, interactive look at the development of transport and mobility on road, rail and water, not forgetting air and space travel. On display are more than 3,000 objects, simulators, multimedia shows and interactive exhibits. And just 45 minutes away from the city at 10,000 feet above sea level is Mt. Titlis, that offers panoramic views of the Swiss Alps.

What one really should explore in Lucerne’s Old Town is the picturesque medieval haven perched on the banks of the River Reuss. Its cobblestoned streets are lined with elegant historic buildings painted in vibrant colours that add to the town’s fairy-tale charm. The car-free Old Town invites visitors to leisurely explore its many attractions, including the Old Town Hall and St. Peter’s Chapel. For a journey back in time, the Glacier Garden is a perfect destination, offering plenty of activities for kids even as it gives a glimpse into the region’s geological history.

  • Geneva – We all know Geneva is the French-speaking city of Switzerland instantly recognised by its stunning lake and the Jet d’Eau fountain. Being home to several international organizations, this city’s vibrant and cosmopolitan vibe attracts travellers from across the world who come to soak in its history, culture, cuisine and shopping arcades. Not many know, however, that the city has an equally exciting adventurous and exhilarating side!

Did you know you can sign up for running tours, e-tuk tuk rides through Bastions Park and river rafting expeditions on the nearby Arve River when in Geneva. On his recent visit to the country, Neeraj Chopra, India’s sports icon and Olympic gold winner did exactly that!

He explored Geneva’s old town, Lake Geneva, St Peter’s Cathedral and the Broken Chair sculpture on ‘The Geneva Express Running Tour.’ “When I heard that they had river rafting in Geneva, I was surprised. I knew that Geneva had a lake but did not know about the river. We took a 10-minute ride outside the main city to the start point and then rafted back to Lake Geneva. Even though they had less amount of rain this year, there were some rapids on the way and we had a great time going over them. The rowing also gave us a good workout and we managed to see a bit more of Geneva from a totally different viewpoint. The thing that I love about cities in Switzerland is that they are still small and so close to nature that you can be in the countryside within minutes,” Neeraj said of this unique experience.

Whether you choose to explore the natural beauty of Switzerland or immerse yourself in the rich history and modernity of its cities, you will be left captivated by the country’s unique charm and attractions either way. In Switzerland, there is always something left to see or do on the next trip so make sure you draw up your long-term bucket-list now so you can go back for more!

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