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Sun Transit in Gemini 2024: Its impact on all zodiac signs – Times of India

Mahima Sharma

Sun is considered as the soul in a human being and it has a special place in Solar System as we all know that without Sun, no one can imagine life on earth. Sun represents eyes, heart, bones and metabolism as per Vedic astrology and Sun is also considered as God so they worship him by chanting various Vedic mantras dedicated to him and offer water putting flowers and jaggery in that.Sun changes its position every month and transits in one zodiac sign for one month so it is going to transit in Gemini zodiac sign which is ruled by Mercury. Sun has changed its position and moved from Taurus to Gemini on June 15, 2024.
This time Mercury is also transiting in its own house Gemini so there will be a good combination of Mercury and Sun which will form a Budh Aditya Yoga in Gemini. This will be an auspicious Yoga and beneficial for all zodiac signs.
Sun Transit in Gemini 2024: Date and Time
Date – June 15, 2024
Time – 12: 37 AM
Sun Transit in Taurus 2024: Impact on each zodiac sign
You’ll discover that your speech has greater authority and compelling qualities. Your seniors will acknowledge your leadership abilities, and this journey will give you the utmost bravery and courage in your career. The Sun transit in Gemini 2024 may make you incredibly powerful. Don’t be over confident during the transit. There’s a chance that you’ll encounter some challenging situations.
There are possibility of being promoted and receiving a nice rise in your career. Business-oriented Taurus natives will witness growth in their enterprise. Their communication skills will enhance more. During this transit, Taurus natives’ life will become more positive. There might be some disputes with family members as a result of their bad attitude.
This time will be good to increase the ability of your immunity. Gemini natives will notice a return of strength in their personalities. Kindness will be evident in you, along with optimism, a strong sense of leadership, and a gleam in your eyes. Your level of focus and passion for your work will rise. Your preference as a boss will be acknowledged by juniors and subordinates. You will have a positive aura.
The Sun’s transit through Gemini will result in more needless spending. Spend less on pointless and random items. You might travel to abroad for some business work or education purpose. The trip will be fruitful. The residents of Cancer will discover that they are drawn to heavenly wisdom. Your remarks will be adored by others around you.
During this time, you will profit from your previous investments. Your friends will be a huge source of support and financial gain for you at this time. If you work, your friends in the workplace or in your professional life might assist you with projects. Both in your personal and professional life, your older brother will be there for you. You will meet all of your goals during this time. In your work life, your adversaries and rivals will be unable to compete with you. Moreover, now will be an excellent moment for purchasing.
The most advantageous people from this transit are Virgo natives. You will achieve remarkable accomplishment and professional advancement throughout this transit. Your elders will give you their full support as well as acknowledge and appreciate the effort you have done. Your clients will be impressed and persuaded by your words since your speech and communication will also be effective. This is going to be the best time for people who work for the government or are trying to work for the government.
Your good fortune will help you in all facets of your life—both personal and professional. During this passage, natives of Libra will feel like public leaders. You’ll discover that, among your friends, coworkers, and relatives, you’re the most powerful person. This is the ideal time for you to travel, especially if it’s a quick vacation for hills and mountains. You will be drawn towards spirituality during this period, so even religious visits will be helpful.
Scorpios will experience an abrupt surge in wealth as a result of prior investments and gains from mutual funds or the stock market during the Sun’s passage through Gemini. You can receive a present from an elderly relative or have the will signed in your name. At work, the boss will provide the Scorpio natives with all the guidance and assistance they require. They are advised to think before making any decision in life.
This transit will enhance your social standing and level of public recognition. Natives of Sagittarius will be well-liked by the public and will rule over coworkers. This passage will be advantageous, particularly for those involved in commerce and business. This transit is good for starting a new business and they will be successful. You’ll find yourself to be motivated and concentrated.
This transit will help Capricorns to overcome all types of evil energies. Natives born under the sign of Capricorn will discover that their bodies have greater strength and power. Any illness or physical issue you are suffering from will be resolved. This is the best time to return the money you have borrowed from anyone. The Capricorn natives who are getting ready for competitive exams for government jobs or any other kind of competitive exam will benefit most from this transit.
This transit will boost your intelligence even more. During this transit, Aquarius will have the opportunity to apply their intelligence in terms of communication abilities. The Aquarians have the potential to succeed in business and develop great diplomatic skills. Native with jobs can use this diplomacy ability to advance in their careers and receive pay raises. However, relationship-related issues will be the main challenge for Aquarius natives.
This transit will benefit you by fostering independence and prosperity. This indicates that those who were previously dependent on their families for even the most basic necessities would now be able to support themselves and thrive. It’s going to be a great period for academics and education. Pisces natives may experience conflict in their homes, particularly with their mother.

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