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HomeTechSeth Meyers takes a brutal 'Closer Look' at pro-Trump Project 2025

Seth Meyers takes a brutal ‘Closer Look’ at pro-Trump Project 2025

Despite wanting to distance himself from Project 2025, to the point of claiming no knowledge of who’s behind it, former president Donald Trump is at the core of this (deeply unsettling) conservative group’s plan to reshape the U.S. government if Trump gets elected.

On Wednesday, Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at the 900-page playbook in all its unsettling detail on Late Night.

“Donald Trump and his allies have a deeply deranged plan for a far-right authoritarian government that will jail opponents, wage a full-scale war on reproductive rights, and dismantle American democracy,” Meyers explained of Project 2025. “It’s full of radical and just super weird ideas. Even if you don’t read it, you can just tell from the name that it’s incredibly creepy.”

In a fitting moment, Meyers used post-apocalyptic nightmare The Last of Us to take aim at the document’s title.

“Project 2025 sounds like the name of a government research program that accidentally creates mushroom zombies,” Meyers said, pulling up an image of a lumbering, indestructible Bloater from the HBO show. “A band of survivors should be talking about it around a campfire. ‘It all began with Project 2025. It was supposed to provide renewable energy for all of mankind and instead it turned Pedro Pascal into a zaddy.”

All jokes aside, you should read up on everything there is to know about Project 2025. Knowledge is power.

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