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Pop Web3 Platform Adds Content Posting Feature to Beta Version

Vladislav Sopov

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Vladislav Sopov

Pop, next-gen social networking platform with Web3 incentives, enhances its toolkit in new releases


Pop, a novel social media platform with cryptocurrency-based monetization instruments, activates a crucial function and launches a bug bounty program for testers and early users. It is set to change the narrative in the Web3 social media segment.

Pop social media platform integrates content posting feature

According to the official announcement shared by the Pop team, all users of its publicly available beta version can now post, generate and share their own content including images, videos and articles. Also, users can introduce it to their audience via likes, re-posts and comments.

Also, the recent updates include missions and rewards designed to encourage user engagement and bring optimized video playback and an improved user interface (UI) to all elements of the Pop ecosystem.

The Pop team is sure that with the new functions, its application becomes a more profitable instrument of content monetization compared to traditional social media heavyweights Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram:





Pop offers its creators higher monetization rates than traditional Web social media platforms, so they can receive a greater share of the revenue they generate. This provides an incentive for creators to upload high-quality content. And unlike traditional platforms that mainly reward established creators with large followings, this also offers smaller creators the opportunity to be rewarded and noticed.

The platform has a number of advantages over its competitors, including multi-chain support, direct engagement with elite creators, a simplified social portal and so on.

Bug bounty program with USDT rewards goes live

In order to stress test all elements of its design and tech architecture, Pop platform introduces a rewards program. All bonuses will be distributed in U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin.

Users who test the new functions and report bugs or provide another kind of feedback will be rewarded with USDT. The first to report severe bugs will get additional bonuses.

Besides rewards, Pop creators shared the details of the NFT functions of the upcoming platform. Users will be able to turn their content into NFTs with verified proof-of-ownership to eliminate opportunities for the content to be plagiarized.

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