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PM Modi: GST Helped Lower Prices of Essential Commodities for People

Arpit Kulshrestha

GST Regime Made Household Items CheaperGST Regime Made Household Items Cheaper

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that his govt is dedicated to proceeding on the reform’s path to “transform people’s lives” and pointed to the introduction of goods and services tax (GST) to help lower prices of commodities.

For us, reforms are a mechanism to enhance the lives of 140 crore Indians. After the preface of GST, goods for household use have become much cheaper.

It consequences in the influential savings for the poor and the common man, also PM quoted, citing the data to contend how levied has been reduced, assisting to lessen the cost of goods and services.

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The comments of the PM indicated the objective of the government to push the reforms even after lowering the numbers in the Lok Sabha. Analysts were thinking that if NDA regime should be enabled to push ahead with major amendments since the same impacts a return of coalition. The anticipation is that certain legislative amendments might need to wait while executive decisions are executed.

The statement came ahead nearly 7 years after the start of the GST as the biggest tax reform post-independence. Govt has cited the advantage of GST, which subsumed multiple taxes and did away with several cesses and octroi, the opposition opposed the same.

The tax regime has assisted found a chain that checks evasion, while also ensuring that refund of levies paid at every phase of furnishing a good or a service – from raw material to finished products – is refunded via a system of tax credits. The same prevents the cascading effect of taxes or removes tax on tax, helping lower prices.

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Govt has listed numerous products to contend that the overall tax obligation has come down. For example, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, 32-inch TV sets, and fans attracted 31.3% tax pre-GST, while consumers paid 18% when the new regime kicked in in July 2017.

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