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Pawsome travel tails with pet parents

For many, pets are not just companions but cherished members of the family who stand by them through thick and thin. This bond is especially evident when pet parents take their four-legged friends on travel adventures, experiencing both the joys and challenges that come with it.

Pawsome travel tails with pet parents
Pawsome travel tails with pet parents

Taveesh Pant and Twishaa Bhatt, a couple hailing from Uttarakhand, share their journey with their three beloved dogs — Ivy, Bella and Zuri. Their exploration of North India has led to countless unforgettable moments. “Our Labrador, Ivy, is a water baby. When she laid eyes on the mesmerising Pangong Lake in Ladakh, she went absolutely bonkers!” says Bhatt.

In another inspiring tale, Shiv Shankar, popularly known as the Banjaara Boy from Jharkhand, embarked on a two-year journey across the country with his loyal canine companion, Ragnar. Amid the challenges posed by the pandemic, Shankar found solace and inspiration in the company of his four-legged friend. “When I brought Ragnar home, it was like I was never bored again. I knew that when the lockdown ended, I wanted to start travelling with Ragnar,” says Shankar. Their remarkable journey took them through dense jungles and serene temple grounds, sharing communal meals with fellow travellers. “For two years, we lived this way. We enjoyed every moment and slowly we started travelling across India. We’ve now covered every corner of the country. We began on a scooty, but now we travel together on a bike. My adventures with Ragnar have been truly fulfilling,” he shares.

Gautham Govind and Lakshmi Balachandran, a couple from Kerala, have also embarked on numerous adventures with their furry friends, Bruce (a beagle) and Tintin (an indie). For them, the journey is not just about travel, but also about creating unforgettable experiences for their pets while exploring the world together. “Making arrangements in your vehicle is crucial for your pets. You need to create a setup inside the car that allows them to sit, sleep and play comfortably throughout the trip,” says Govind. Balachandran adds, “Knowing where pet-friendly places are located is a game-changer. Not all places are suitable for dogs, so careful research is a must. You have to consider factors like space and walking areas for your dogs when selecting your stops.”

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