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‘Pasoori’ singer Ali Sethi answered 40 questions for Vogue India on his 40th birthday

Sadaf Shaikh

On the morning of his birthday, singer-songwriter Ali Sethi woke up anxious. He’d had a fever dream about his party going terribly awry. Was it a sign that he should have stuck to his original plan of “inviting some friends to dinner in New York”? But that would mean turning down the advice of award-winning author Amitav Ghosh, who had implored him to “do something big” for his fortieth and practically goaded him into throwing a soirée.

He needn’t have worried because it would turn out to be a night to remember. Filled with several you-had-to-be-there moments—one of them being Never Have I Ever star Poorna Jagannathan’s “jogging dance” to ‘Be My Lover’—Sethi’s birthday unfolded on his Insta Stories, giving his followers a sneak peek of what looked like the party of a lifetime. The ‘Pasoori’ singer’s mood board for the night was both wild and oddly specific: “I wanted it to feel like a funhouse or mela—‘electric communal’ if that makes sense,” he explains. “I wanted desi rituals and neon signs. A liminal space between a nightclub and a sangeet ceremony.” He got all of it—and then some. Drag artist LaWhore Vagistan presided over Sethi’s ‘hybrid darbar’ (a description coined at the party by Met curator Navina Haider)—a fusion of mujra, burlesque and what folks from Punjab refer to as ‘Maut Da Khhu’ (‘Well of Death’). The medley of sufi chants, RnB tunes and hip-hop beats kept guests on their feet the entire time. At some point during the night, Sethi surprised everyone by breaking into songs from his upcoming album. “I wanted unfiltered reactions to my new music and I got them,” he smiles.

I ask the newly minted quadragenarian if this is the best birthday celebration he’s had to date and his response is satisfyingly childlike: “Full to full.” Naturally, as journalists, we requested proof and the singer was only too happy to comply with pictures. Below, we take you through Sethi’s fortieth bash alongside asking him rapid-fire questions about love, life, lessons and, well, his new album, of course.

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