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Once Human Network Error: Workarounds to Fix

Once Human Network Error: Workarounds to Fix

Nikita Hariname

There are quite a few errors that players of online games can come across and in Once Human, many are encountering a ‘network error’ on PC. The first thing to check here would be your internet connection—if it’s working as expected, there are a few things you can try to potentially fix the problem.

How to Fix Once Human Network Error

Try these troubleshooting tips to get the game up and running normally.

Check the server status

It’s possible the Once Human servers are down for maintenance or experiencing an outage due to too many players. Head over to @OnceHuman_ or the subreddit r/OnceHumanOfficial to know whether the servers are offline or if it’s an issue from your end. Plus, if it’s peak hours in your region, wait it out and try again later.

Restart your network

Sometimes a simple restart of your router and modem can clear up network issues. Turn them both off for a few minutes, then turn them back on and wait for them to fully boot up before trying Once Human again.

once human explorationonce human exploration

Adjust your firewall settings

Your firewall might be blocking Once Human from connecting to the internet. Try adding Once Human to your firewall’s whitelist and the same goes for your antivirus software as well.

Use a VPN

In some cases, a VPN can help resolve network errors. A VPN tunnels your internet traffic through a different server, which can sometimes bypass connection issues, however, note that using a VPN can slow down your internet connection.

If you can’t launch Once Human due to the network error, here’s a tip shared by a user on Steam—connect with a VPN, start the game, download the patch, and when the game asks you to restart, quit it and disconnect the VPN.

And if none of these solutions work, check social media channels to know whether other players are also facing this error. If it’s a widespread issue, it could be a bug and hopefully, the developers patch it out soon.

Once the game is working as expected, here’s how to get Standard Parts in Once Human which will come in handy for various higher tier crafts. Plus, check out the latest Once Human codes that will give you rewards like Energy Links, Activators and more.

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