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Olive and June Is Making ‘Farmers Market Manis’ a Thing for Spring

Kara Jillian Brown

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Farmers’ markets in the spring are such a vibe. The strawberries are plump and juicy, the green juice tastes greener than ever, and the bouquet you buy will bring that bright, new feeling into your home for days to come. Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder and CEO of nail-care band Olive & June, wants you to take that farm-fresh feeling everywhere by sporting a farmers’ market mani.

“There are two major shifts a year in nails that we see,” says Tuttle. “It’s winter to spring and then summer to fall. So for spring, we wanted to do something that felt really fresh and new and brought us into the season.” For Tuttle and her team, farmer’s markets embody that freshness. As much so that they always seek them out when traveling to new cities. “We send each other pictures like, ‘look how good this farmer’s market is.'”

But it’s about more than just the crisp produce and artisanal jams. Tuttle says that these markets drop you into a new community, allowing you to meet the locals and experience their creativity. “Olive & June is so diehard for our community, and so we love going to local farmer’s markets and checking out local artisans and vendors,” she says.

The new Farmer’s Market collection is centered around six stunning colors: This Lettuce is Radicchio (sheer magenta), Strawberries Are in Season Right Now (sheer crimson), Lavender Stems (sheer lavender), Carrot Juice (opaque fresh orange), Berry Basket (opaque soft turquoise), and Not Kale (chartreuse green). Buy them on their own for $9 each or get all six in a set ($48).

“The bold, brighter colors that are opaque are amazing. I have carrot juice on my toes right now and it’s like an amazing coral,” says Tuttle. The sheer shades were made because “we’re really loving this lip-gloss-turned-nail trend. We got really excited about doing a more pigmented sheer line that feels like either it could be worn on its own and feel like a berry-stained lip gloss on your nails or you combine it with one of our neutrals and make it milky.”

Go wild and get all six colors plus all the tools you need for a salon-quality mani at home like a file, cuticle treatment, and more with The Spring 2023 Mani System ($80).

The Farmer’s Market collection also includes three $10 press-on kits: Butterfly Party (extra short, round nails with butterflies floating on a shear pinkish iridescent base), Periwinkle Vampy Heart (short, round nails painted a periwinkle blue with a little heart on each nail), and Strawberry French (medium, almond nails with french tips and strawberries). “They’re all very sweet, delicate nail art and they all look like they were hand-painted in the salon,” says Tuttle.

Wanna try it all? Get the press-ons and all six polishes in one set for $70. Get the perfect farmer’s market mani this spring by playing with Olive & June’s new colors and designs that keep your nails looking fresh, pretty, and understated.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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