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Old and Ugly Game Console? Try Restoring it With LEGO.

Old and Ugly Game Console? Try Restoring it With LEGO.


Andrew Heinzman

A LEGO gamecube sitting on a table next to LEGO Star Wars game.
Peter Knetter / YouTube

Due to an inflated and idiotic collectors market, it’s hard to find a decently-priced retro game console without some nasty flaw. Thankfully, most problems are cosmetic. And if you don’t mind putting in some work, you can rebuild a console’s enclosure using nothing but LEGO bricks.

In a recent YouTube video, Peter Knetter shows the step-by step (and chaotic) process of rebuilding a Nintendo Gamecube with LEGO. The end result is a LEGO Gamecube that contains all of the original electronics—a fully-functional console that plays original Gamecube disks without any weird hacks or workarounds.

Knetter also built a LEGO faceplate and LEGO buttons for the Gamecube controller. It looks uncomfortable, but I can’t deny that it’s cool. And it can’t be any worse than those old off-brand gamepads.

To be clear, this isn’t the first game console with a LEGO restoration. As Gizmodo notes Retro Stash Repairs recently built a LEGO chassis for the Game Boy Advance SP, and several people have turned LEGO’s NES set into a playable console (although I’m not sure if that counts as a restoration).

In any case, nothing’s stopping you from building a LEGO chassis for your old game consoles. All you need is a ton of LEGO bricks and oodles of free time—okay, maybe this is harder than I thought.

Source: Peter Knetter via Gizmodo


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