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‘Not yet deep enough …’: US envoy stresses deepening India-US relations | India News – Times of India

TOI News Desk

NEW DELHI: In a recent address on Thursday, US envoy to India, Eric Garcetti, highlighted the necessity of close cooperation between the United States and India, particularly during the times of conflict.
“I know that India likes its strategic autonomy, but in times of conflict, there is no such thing as strategic autonomy,” Garcetti said in an event.

“In crisis moments, we will need to know each other. I don’t care what title we put to it, but we will need to know that we are trusted friends, brothers and sisters, and colleagues in times of need.”
Garcetti further stressed the importance of investing in the US-India relationship. “It’s important for us as Americans and as Indians to remember that the more we put into this relationship, the more we will get out of it. The more we insist on a kind of cynical calculation in place of a trusted relationship, the less we will get,” he said.

He also urged his Indian counterparts not to take the bilateral relationship for granted.
“While it is wider and deeper than it’s ever been, it is not yet deep enough. If we take it for granted, I will have to fight many defence battles to help this relationship move ahead,” Garcetti remarked, underscoring the ongoing efforts to strengthen ties between the two nations.

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