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Nirmala Sitharaman Will Take Charge as a Union FM in 3rd Term of Modi’s Cabinet

Arpit Kulshrestha

Nirmala Sitharaman India's Union FM in Modi Cabinet 3.0Nirmala Sitharaman India's Union FM in Modi Cabinet 3.0

Nirmala Sitharaman will continue as India’s finance minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s third term as well, formerly she served as the union finance minister in Narendra Modi’s second term.

Yesterday, Sitharaman was inducted as a cabinet minister, while Modi took his oath of office for his historic third term as the prime minister of India.

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Nirmala Sitharaman has designated her place stronger in history alongside distinguished figures like Arun Jaitley and Manmohan Singh by completing a full term as India’s Finance Minister. A two-term Union Minister, Sitharaman is celebrated for her role in advancing second-generation economic reforms. Her inclusion in the Prime Minister’s cabinet in 2014 shows the start of her impactful political journey at the national level.

Nirmala Sitharaman was born on August 18, 1959, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, and raised in a family where her father, Narayan Sitharaman, worked for the Indian Railways and her mother, Savitri, managed the household. She pursued her undergraduate studies in economics at Seethalakshmi Ramaswami College in Tiruchirapalli. Demonstrating academic excellence, she moved to New Delhi to further her education, earning both a Master’s and a Master of Philosophy degree in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Before entering Indian politics, Sitharaman had a successful career in the corporate sector in the United Kingdom. Her international experience provided her with a unique perspective and a strong foundation for her later roles in public service. At 64, Nirmala Sitharaman’s journey from an academic scholar and corporate professional to a prominent political figure highlights her versatility and dedication to India’s economic development.

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