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Mumbai hit-and-run case: Mihir Shah and Rajrishi Bidawat in police custody, confess their roles in crime | Today News

Mumbai police on Thursday said that both accused, Mihir Shah and Rajrishi Bidawat, have accepted their roles in the crime and are currently in police custody.

As reported by ANI, “Mihir Shah and Rajrishi Bidawat were confronted by police with each other during interrogation. Both have confessed their roles in the crime. Police did a scene recreation in the presence of the accused with a similar sequence of the actual accident night. The scene was recreated from CJ House Worli to Sea Link Worli. The accused while confessing to his crime says that he is repenting for what he has done.”

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As reported by PTI, Shah collided with a couple’s scooter early Sunday morning, knowing full well that the woman was trapped under one of the luxury car’s tyres. Despite frantic signals and shouts from passing motorists urging him to stop, Shah continued to drive recklessly and did not halt, according to an official speaking on Wednesday.

To avoid being identified, Shah reportedly shaved his beard and trimmed his hair. Authorities are now investigating whether he received assistance in altering his appearance.

Meanwhile, the Times of India reported citing excise officials, it was reported that Shah consumed a total of 12 large pegs of whiskey, which roughly amounts to four pegs each, on the day of the car crash. The TOI report mentioned that based on this bar bill, excise officials stated that this quantity of alcohol can lead to intoxication lasting up to eight hours.

The report indicated that Mihir Shah and his friends departed from the bar at 1:30 am on Sunday, and the accident occurred around 5 am, which was within four hours of their drinking session.

“The 24-year-old accused, who is in police custody till July 16, has claimed he possesses a driving licence, but the document was yet to be recovered,” officials told PTI.

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So far, the statements of 14 persons, including Mihir Shah’s mother, sisters and friends, have been recorded, the official said.

The police are likely to visit the crash spot in Worli area of south-central Mumbai and re-construct the entire crime scene as part of their investigation, he said.

On Tuesday, police apprehended Mihir Shah from the nearby Thane district, just two days after he allegedly crashed his BMW into a two-wheeler, resulting in the death of Kaveri Nakhwa (45), who was riding as a pillion and causing injuries to her husband, Pradeep.

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The incident was captured by the police CCTV cameras installed at Mela Junction and Bindu Madhav Thackeray Chowk in Worli.

PTI reported citing officials that after passing Bindu Madhav Thackeray Chowk, several motorists tried to signal Mihir Shah to stop his car, but he ignored their attempts and continued driving.

During interrogation, the accused, whose family chauffeur was sitting besides him, admitted he was behind the wheel at the time of the crash, but did not tell the police from which point he started driving and till when, he said.

Meanwhile, Rajesh Shah, the father of the accused, has been relieved from his position as the Deputy leader of Shivsena. This decision was made following directives from Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde.

(With inputs from agencies)

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