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Microsoft Is Testing Your Most-Requested Windows 11 Feature

Microsoft Is Testing Your Most-Requested Windows 11 Feature


Cory Gunther

I just want to move the taskbar.

Windows 11 with the taskbar at the top.
Albacore / Twitter

Dating back to the first Windows 11 preview builds, users have begged Microsoft to let them move the taskbar to different locations. Eventually, the company explained why it wouldn’t let us move it, but now it looks like Redmond could be ready to change its mind.

Apparently, in the latest Windows 11 Dev build 25309, a new feature allows users to relocate the taskbar—something Microsoft randomly removed from Windows 11. First spotted and shared by @thebookisclosed on Twitter, the taskbar is located at the top of the screen and is somewhat functional.

As you can see from the video on Twitter, just because the feature is available doesn’t mean it works all that great or delivers a good experience. Apps still open from the bottom, so the animations need more work. That said, if Microsoft is finally working on a solution, we might eventually be able to “align to left/right/top.”

Nearly a year ago, we finally started seeing movement to the taskbar, but not how users hoped. Microsoft started testing a new Windows 11 taskbar for tablets where it could expand or collapse, but we never received the ability to move its location.

Remember that features or options we see in the dev channel don’t always make it to the public release. So while this is promising, don’t get your hopes up yet.

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