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HomeUncategorizedMenswear fashion tips: Trendy winter style guide for men

Menswear fashion tips: Trendy winter style guide for men

Menswear fashion tips: Trendy winter style guide for men

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

The winter season is upon us and with temperatures dropping fast, it’s time to up one’s style quotient. For men, trendy winter wear options are aplenty for one to switch it up and experiment with hence, we got you sorted with some styling rules that men should swear by to look dapper these winters.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Manoj Jain, Director of Harbour 9, shared, “While staying cosy and comfortable should be a priority in the chilly months, fashion should not take a backseat amid all those extra layers of clothing. With a little thought, one can stay comfortably warm while turning heads and looking like the best version of themselves.” Following are his top suggestions for men to stay sharp with their winter fashion game:

  • Do not be afraid of trying new options. If you’re someone who has always stuck to a five-year-old winter wardrobe, it can’t hurt to add some pieces of clothing to amp up your look. If you’ve never been the kind to try out a cool puffer jacket or dark boots, now may be the time to hit that online or offline store and browse!
  • Layer it up and ditch bulky sweaters that add the illusion of a few extra pounds on you. Instead of one or two thick top layers, go for three or more thinner layers to look picture-perfect. Add a jacket or overcoat when it’s frosty, and don’t be afraid to remove it and roll up your shirt sleeves on a warm winter afternoon. This also gives you the option to look different and fresh from morning through night.
  • Do good while you look good. Consider opting for more sustainable styles that are better for the planet and also look stylish.
  • Pay attention to colours and tones, be it in the way of trying out colour blocking or monochrome. Avoid pairing too many colours at once; A maximum of three colours that complement each other, as well as your skin’s overtone and undertone, will create that oomph factor without burning a hole through your pocket.
  • Just because you want to look stylish, do not discard all existing items from your wardrobe. In fact, make use of existing wardrobe to its best potential so as to not create wastage. A lot of trends also make a comeback or are evergreen, so think before you drop existing clothes.
  • Finally, remember to stay comfortable. Picking comfort and personal style over blindly following trends. If you are going to uncomfortably shift around in it, sporting even the trendiest of leather pants or jackets won’t do you much good.

According to Dhruv Toshniwal, Founder of The Pant Project, picking snug but stylish bottoms is also important. He suggested men, “Wear natural fibres such as wool, cotton and denim to stay warm and breathable this winter. It can be astonishing to see the difference the right fit and sculpt make to your overall silhouette. Make sure what you wear is your size, and do not be afraid to consult an expert while determining the right fit. If you’re someone who loves your denim jeans, experimenting with colours and texture could transform your overall look with just a single piece of clothing.”

He added, “This season, one can try cargo pants in different colours such as beige or dark green for looking effortlessly stylish, while still remaining warm on the inside. Smart loungewear options, such as sweatpants or joggers that complement your physique make for the perfect winter bottoms. Corduroys are something to try if your style is an old-school classic. Another pro-tip for buying men’s winter bottoms is to pick material which is moisture-wicking as well as wrinkle-resistant.”

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