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Master the Art of Negotiation: Six Effective Strategies for Success

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In life, there are countless instances where we are required to negotiate with others, whether it’s in business, relationships, or even buying a car. While we may desire fairness, it’s important to remember that we don’t always get what’s fair – we get what we negotiate. So, how can we improve our negotiation skills and achieve the best possible outcomes? Here are six powerful tactics to transform your negotiation abilities and increase your chances of success.

Understand Their Interests (LIE Method)

The key to successful negotiation lies in understanding the other party’s interests. This can be achieved through the LIE Method:

  • Listen: Ask open-ended questions and genuinely pay attention to their needs.
  • Infer: Read between the lines and identify their priorities.
  • Engage: Show empathy and address their concerns.

Use Silence Strategically (70% Rule)

In a negotiation, aim to let the other person do 70% of the talking. Silence can make people uncomfortable, often causing them to reveal more information than intended. Combining silence with active listening will give you valuable insights.

Master Your Non-Verbal Communication (7-38-55 Rule)

People assess your credibility based on:

  • 7% words
  • 38% tonality and facial expressions
  • 55% body language

By maintaining composure, exuding confidence, and using open gestures, you can enhance your persuasiveness.

Use Humour

humour can help break the ice and diffuse tension during negotiations. People are more likely to compromise with someone they like. To be funnier, try:

  • Using self-deprecation
  • Finding a common enemy
  • Exaggerating for effect

Never Show Desperation. Ever.

Desperation can significantly undermine your position in a negotiation. Keep your emotions in check and display patience and control, even when things get tough. Remember, negotiation is a game of poker, not a confession.

The Flawed Diamond Rule

Perfection isn’t the goal in negotiation; fairness is. Reflect on your favourite deal or bargain – it wasn’t perfect, but it was fair. Embrace the flaws and focus on finding the value in the situation.

In conclusion, by understanding the other party’s interests, using silence strategically, mastering non-verbal communication, incorporating humour, maintaining control, and embracing the Flawed Diamond Rule, you can significantly improve your negotiation skills. Remember, achieving fairness often comes down to effective communication and strategy.

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