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Maneuver the art of kayaking: Check out these spots in India

Maneuver the art of kayaking: Check out these spots in India


Rowing a boat under tranquil skies and clear blue waters can be relaxing. If you want to try your hand at kayaking, there is no need to travel abroad, as there are several spots in India that offer picturesque views and adventure-filled rapids.

Relax with some kayaking this weekend (Shutterstock)
Relax with some kayaking this weekend (Shutterstock)

Though this is not the ideal season to indulge in kayaking, we look at some of the best spots in India on the sidelines of an event around kayaking, Kaunversations, which will be held in Gujarat over the weekend. You can try out the adventure activity on the basis of the rapids, which range from Grade I to Grade VI.

The best time to enjoy kayaking in India is from late October-November to April-May. If you are a newbie, fret not! You do not need to have any prior kayaking experience to get started.

India provides ample opportunities for kayaking (Shutterstock)
India provides ample opportunities for kayaking (Shutterstock)

Zanskar River, Leh

If you are in for adventure with some mesmerising views, kayaking in the Zanskar river is a must. One can start their trip from the Indus river from Spituk and kayak till they reach Nimu. From Phey to Nimo, you will find Grade II or III rapids, making sure your adventure is full of thrill and amusement.

Teesta River, Sikkim

Teesta river in Sikkim offers a combination of calm and strong water rapids and is a paradise for those looking for adventure during their vacation. This river has Grade II to IV rapid levels. You will also get to experience the true shades of blue here as the river is clean.

Kundalika River, Maharashtra

Originating from the Sahyadri Hills, the Kundalika meanders its way into the Arabian Sea. It offers Grade I and II levels of rapids and it makes for a good option for amateurs and those looking for a weekend activity.

Beas River, Himachal Pradesh

The Beas river is one of the most popular kayaking destinations. It starts from the Rohtang Pass and the river goes through Kullu and Manali, too. It is ideal for both new and experienced kayakers, as the river offers every rapid level and you get to choose your level of adventure.

Brahmaputra River, Arunachal Pradesh

This one is for those looking for some hardcore adventure as the Brahmaputra river offers some of the toughest rapids. This river has level Grade IV to VI. It is not for the faint-hearted and the trips are generally organised from Tuting. Along with kayaking, these trips also include trekking and camping.

Depending on the level of grades kayaking can be adventurous or calm (Shutterstock)
Depending on the level of grades kayaking can be adventurous or calm (Shutterstock)

Where to learn:

From November to March, we offer kayaking training at the Gateway of India in Mumbai on a one-to-one basis and a two-to-five day course. The two-day course includes basic training, while we give people a complete guide on wind, driving and safety in the five-day course. Knowing swimming is mandatory and you can’t weigh more than 80kg to kayak. The cost for the courses start from 5,000.

RAKESH BARADKR, Commodore, Mumbai Sailing Club

If you are looking to plan a relaxing weekend activity in the coming months, here are the best places in India to go kayaking. We offer kayaking near the Mahi river in Vadodara. For 650, one can rent out the kayaks for two hours and a certified trainer will give you basic training. The river we operate on is calm, so here, kayaking is a leisure activity. We suggest bringing an extra pair of clothes. We have single kayaks, with a weight restriction of 75kg, and double kayaks with a 180kg weight limit.

SHUBHANK TAKALKAR, Co-founder, Baroda Kayaks


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