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Lifestyle Factors Affect your Life Insurance Premium

Marketvein Staff

Buying a term insurance plan is gradually becoming a mandate for securing the future of loved ones and family members. Although it sounds easy to buy one, in reality, a lot of factors matter before it is sanctioned. life insurance providers lay major emphasis on the life expectancy of the person who is willing to buy term insurance. Thus, it is essential for a person to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to buy term insurance.

Lifestyle is one of the key aspects that is considered for getting term insurance. Factors such as medical history, current health conditions, smoking and drinking habits, active or inactive lifestyle, etc., have a direct impact on your term insurance policy.

The term insurance premium is decided by the insurer based on all these factors. It determines how much coverage you will get to secure your life and your loved ones. In this article, we have listed all the lifestyle factors you must consider while deciding to buy a term plan. Read the article further for in-detailed information.

Lifestyle Factors Affecting Term Insurance Premium

Lifestyle behaviors have a major impact on term insurance premiums. For instance, consider that if a person smokes rarely or frequently or consumes alcohol, his/her lifestyle choice may result in higher single-premium term insurance.

Similarly, there are several factors like these that can have an impact on premiums while buying a term insurance policy. We have hereby listed these factors below:

1. The professional life and hobbies you pursue

There are certain professions that are more prone to risk than other professions. For instance, if you’re a miner, your life is riskier than an accountant’s and thus requires more coverage. When you buy a term plan in India, the insurance provider will set the premium coverage according to the profession you’re in.

Similarly, your hobbies say a lot more about your lifestyle. If you pursue dance, yoga, or walking, or you are into some sort of outdoor sports, then it depicts how active you are, which further depicts your health level. Premium is dependent on the profession you are in and the hobbies you follow.

2. Smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are indeed hazardous to life. When you buy any term plan like Tata AIA Life Insurance, you will be asked about the same. In case your medical history depicts that you drink excessively or smoke frequently, then the term insurance premium will be pretty high because your life and your loved ones require more coverage. If this is not the case, then the premium you will be asked to pay will be relatively lower. 

3. Medical history

A policyholder’s medical history significantly impacts the term insurance premium that they are entitled to pay. If the term policy buyer has a family history of particular diseases, suffers from any type of health condition, or works in a high-risk job, their premium will be greater than typical. This is due to the increased liability in the event of any health problems.

4. Inactive lifestyle

It is true that if you are not much into an active daily routine, the probability of getting medical complications is relatively high. Hence, if this is the case, then your term insurance premium will be higher than others.


When purchasing a term insurance policy, the premium is one of the most important factors to consider. Furthermore, higher single-premium term insurance is dependent on the aforementioned factors. Remember that you must examine the financial objectives, claim settlement ratio, family history, and a variety of other factors before making a smart term insurance buying selection.

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